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  • mike - Stinger

    the Stinger is amazing, I was really sketched out about using a detox dri.k but this one is legit. tastes great and works even better, directions are easy to follow and it really works in one hour. anyone who says this product doesnt work is either 300+ lbs or cant comprehend the directions.

  • J. WHITE - Innovo has my perfect thermometer.

    This thermometer was offered to me at virtually no cost in return for an HONEST review. I accepted the offer because my digital thermometer is difficult to use. I am almost deaf and the beep on the old digital meter is impossible for me to hear. Being old makes it almost impossible to shake down my Mercury thermometer. Enter Innovo with the perfect thermometer, at least for me. It is very easy to use, accurate when compared to my Mercury and is pleasant to look at. Don't wanna be sick but now have a tool that I can use. I would have paid full price. I highly recommend it to each and everyone.

  • ChrisHarvey - Exactly what we needed

    After an accidental bump of the garage door before it was completely up, we broke off the original antenna from our RAV4. WE ordered this one as a replacement, and it's working perfectly. Reception in parking garages even, so we couldn't be more happy with the Stubby Antenna!

  • Jackie_78 - Organic and it smells nice

    I have done extensive research on every ingredient used in lot of popular baby wash products before buying this product. I have been using this for my baby for last 6 months, I like the product.

  • Jeremy - Was a bit slow & repetitive

    I'm very politically charged, I did find the format of this book interesting, but it was just too slow to keep me entertained in the content.

  • Kailey - Don't waste your money

    What a waste of money. The container is cheaply made. It didn't work at all. I feel like I'm just putting water on my eyes