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Colon Cancer - EuropaColon - Committed to Prevention and Treatment. - Colon or Colorectal Cancer - EuropaColon, committed to preventing deaths and improving quality of life of patients and carers of colon cancer.

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  • Laura I - If you straighten your hair daily...

    I have a chin length bob, and my hair texture is very fine and naturally kind of wavy. Just about every morning I blow dry my hair with a round brush and then straighten with a flat iron. So, I'm no stranger to heat styling my hair.

  • Bill Gibson, II - Not Perfect... But Close!

    I have been extremely happy with my new Chromebook. Most of what I do, both personal and for work (I'm a web developer & Blackboard Admin at a small university), I can do with the Chromebook, Gmail & Google Docs. There are some things, like Netflix, Java and Citrix Receiver that either don't work, or don't work because our server setup doesn't support it.

  • michael j. schwarz - Buy It

    Great Price, Fast Delivery... Based on other reviews I bought this for my 2014 Crosstrek, It fit perfectly. The bars are adjustable so I believe it will most likely fit most subarus.

  • Jim Frey - easy to understand book

    I am still reading and studying the book, but we need this type of information in a clear, easy to understand book, and Slott tries to give us that. People past 55 years of age need this information because the US government has actually set up traps to make us lose part of our retirement benefits FOR WHICH WE HAVE PAID over our lifetimes. Congress has their own retirement benefits which are much, much better than the US citizen, and Congress has enacted rules that can erode these benefits from its citizens. If a member of Congress is wealthy (and more than 75% have wealth greater than $1 million), he or she still receives their full benefits; US taxpayers are NOT afforded this benefit. Ed Slott is dedicated to avoiding such erosion in a legal manner. His book is full of great information.

  • GlyndaE - I found it helpful

    I don't know if anyone will find this review helpful or not because of my age. I have always enjoyed trying new items in makeup and aging has not changed this. I grew up in the age when you did not leave home with a bare face. if you guessed the 50's then your right. The 50's were followed by the 60's (of course) when no one wore makeup or curled or colored their hair. To each his own. I am 72.

  • J.M.M. - Smaller than Im accustomed to, but still great.

    I bought this mouse pad for one reason, and one reason alone; the bizarre artwork. I didn't need a new mouse pad, my old steel series is still in pretty good shape, but they drew me in with a print of a Napoleon Imperial Stormtrooper riding into combat on horseback.