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  • Beverly - Love this! My baby didn't like it until about ...

    Love this! My baby didn't like it until about 2 months old, maybe a bit sooner. It's great for soothing him to sleep or keeping him asleep. The speakers don't work amazingly. I thought I would use that feature more, but really just use it for the motion now. Sometimes the higher speeds aren't as quiet as you would hope, but that hasn't woken up my baby.

  • Satisfied - Does what it claims

    Was looking for a wine chiller that chills FAST, and this actually does what it claims. 6 minutes does the trick.

  • Pandora - You get what you pay for

    Bought the brown color when it was on sale for a cheaper price, and at under $20 I think it's decent for a beginner. However it really is quite slippery even for some basic vinyasa routines (it appears that one side is slightly more slippery than the other, and I can never figure out which side I'm on until it's too late). I will probably invest in a better mat in the future.


    I bought this a couple of months ago, and in terms of its functionality, would echo many of the other posts here. I'm new to Quicken and money management software, and was looking for a way to get a handle on my personal finances. I found this to be a bit overwhelming and not intuitive, though I suppose I will figure out how to manipulate it with time. Also, for some reason, I can't get it to sync with the dates in the data it pulls from my bank account -- it's showing bills that I already paid as overdue, and showing the wrong due dates for others. And it shows incorrect deposit dates for my future paychecks, which screws up the cashflow and balance calculations. (I get paid on the 1st and the 16th of every month, but those dates shift if the 1st or 16th are a Saturday or Sunday. There doesn't seem to be any way to fix this, other than manually adjusting each entry. But like I said, I'm new to this.)

  • Amazon Customer - A must have!!!

    Love Love Love this product! The directions for setup are easy to follow and minimal. The wide viewing angle to see my dogs is great. It launches treats out for both my dogs so it gives them something to do and they don't fight over it. The only down fall is probably my wifi connection. it doesn't always connect. I would recommend this product 100%%%%%%%%%.