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e-Patient Dave | Toward a New Science of Patient Engagement - Speaking & lectures Cancer survivor "e‑Patient Dave" is an international keynote speaker and academic lecturer who consistently earns extraordinary

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  • http://www.epatientdave.com/advisor/ Patient Voice Advisor | e-Patient Dave - For decades thought leaders like Dr. Warner Slack have said patients are the most under-used resource in healthcare. He was talking about health IT, but now the
  • http://www.epatientdave.com/schedule/ Schedule | e-Patient Dave - Highly rated international speaker and author “e-Patient Dave” deBronkart delivers custom keynote addresses tailored to the needs of your audience. See videos
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  • http://www.epatientdave.com/for-patients/ For Patients | e-Patient Dave - Looking for a patient community? The world doesn't yet have a great searchable database, but some of us have started lists. Here's my start - contribute
  • http://www.epatientdave.com/for-providers/ For Providers | e-Patient Dave - Patient engagement involves a shift in perspective, rights, and responsibilities. Rich conversations await us as patients and providers alike shift away from
  • http://www.epatientdave.com/2013/07/08/new-series-becoming-a-patient-speaker/ New series: “Speaker Academy” – becoming a patient speaker | e-Patient Dave - The world is changing, in good good ways. As we start the second half of 2013 it's a perfect time for something new: coaching patients on becoming
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  • N Brooklyn - MAGNIFICANT!!! A MUST-HAVE!!!

    My dad had a very large pressure sore (bed sore) on his buttocks after spending over 2 months in the hospital. His home-nurse suggested using honey. After researching, I came across Manuka Honey and decided the $28 price tag would be worth it IF it helped.

  • William Farrell - Fails to restore 100% of the time

    The application is nice and pretty, and seems to create backups with no issues - the backups even validate OK. But consistently, the system backups fail to restore. I have had some success (~50%) getting files to restore, but full system backups fail to restore 100% of the time, failing about half way through.

  • andrew e vaughn - When I purchased this I only intended for it to ...

    When I purchased this I only intended for it to be used when I locked myself out of my truck, but it's been extremely helpful in this last month after breaking my ankle. I've had my friends move my truck a couple of times now and they both used the key I placed in the safe.

  • Madeline Gove - Don't waste your money on any other book, this will be the only one you need!

    I bought this, along with a few others, and ended up returning every one besides this one. It's so up-to-date (gives statistics from 2013-2014). Other books I bought don't have half of the grad programs even listed. So glad I bought this one!!

  • Mr Leroy L Beavers Jr - Daughter wanted something to get her exercising

    Well the daughter wanted something to get her going. She wants to loose weight. And she asked me to get something for her. She wanted another game, But I told her I will get her something at a lesser price. She's Happy.