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Encinitas Dentist | Edward B. Coffey, DDS MS - Encinitas Dental Art - Your Encinitas Dentist for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry. Call (760) 942-7272 to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Coffey! Hablamos Español.

  • http://www.encinitasdentalart.com/treatments/bonding/ Dental Bonding Encinitas CA - Encinitas, CA Dentist Edward B. Coffey, DDS MS offers dental bonding as a solution for chipped or discolored teeth. (760) 942-7272
  • http://www.encinitasdentalart.com/treatments/gum-treatments-deep-cleaning/ Deep Cleaning (Scaling & Root Planing) Encinitas, CA - Encinitas, CA Dentist - Edward B. Coffey, DDS MS offers deep cleaning (scaling & root planing) to treat periodontal (gum) disease. (760) 942-7272
  • http://www.encinitasdentalart.com/treatments/dental-cleaning/ Dental Teeth Cleaning/Prophylaxis Encinitas, Edward B. Coffey, DDS MS - A professional dental cleaning performed by a hygienist twice a year can improve your oral health. $59 New Patient Special! (760) 942-7272
  • http://www.encinitasdentalart.com/treatments/dental-implants/ Dental Implants Encinitas CA, Missing Teeth | Edward B. Coffey, DDS MS - Encinitas Dentist Edward B. Coffey, DDS MS offers dental implants to replace missing teeth with incredible results that look & feel natural. (760) 942-7272
  • http://www.encinitasdentalart.com/treatments/dentures/ Dentures Encinitas | Edward B. Coffey, DDS MS - Encinitas Dental Art - Encinitas Dentist Edward B. Coffey, DDS MS is a Prosthodontist specializing in dentures as a replacement for missing teeth. FREE consultation (760) 942-7272

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  • MACKENZIE PARSONS - Great CDL Test prep book

    Great CDL test prep booklet. I like that this book includes practice questions to better prepare you for the test itself. I also like how well the book flows it seems to cover all the basics for the test as well. I like how under the walk through section it doesnt just say to make one it goes into detail and tells you what exactly you should be checking. i like how much detail this book goes into to show you exactly what to do in a multitude of situations even something like down shifting. I like that the answer keys are available for you to check yourself. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Johnnie Nathaniel - Happy GMC Antenna

    This antenna is okay, I can now get in and out of my garage without the antenna hitting the top. As far as reception comes and going when in a parking garage other wise it's okay. GMC should invest in smaller antenna for there product that are equip for all areas. I was impressed with the fast shipping it only to 3 days (good job).

  • MOORE - I have a new baby!!!!

    This formula has been amazing for my baby. Doc said my baby has silent reflux. The spitting up in the mouth, swallowing it, hoarse voice, grunting and squirming and overall uncomfortable. On Zantac and Prevacid. Which did help, maybe 50 % better. From day one ( 2 months old now ) my baby's bowel movements were EXTREMELY watery and so dark green it looked almost black, and complete blow outs. Doc insisted it was normal and it could just be a virus and needed to run its course. Well I'm not a doctor but this isn't my first kid and my gut was telling me this wasn't normal. So I did a little research and thought maybe all my babies "reflux" issues were actually a milk allergy. Of course the doc dis-agreed, but I moved forward with my gut and tried this formula and glad I did. Took about 3 days but I truly have a new baby! Lots of smiles now, very little spit up and I mean very little. Sleeping longer, will sit in her bouncy seat (or wherever) for longer periods of time and will fall asleep w/o being held or given a pacifier ( most of the time ). It has seriously been a night and day difference. I notified my doctors office to let them know how amazing my baby is now doing. I also needed it noted in my babies chart so that insurance would cover most of the cost ( I have an 80/20 PPO and went through a medical supply company who did all the work for me I highly recommend looking into this if you end up on this formula) . I'd still pay the higher cost if needed, it's so worth it for us. I use the dr Browns formula mixing pitcher and it works great. I still give the Zantac and Prevacid but plan on weaning off in a couple weeks. See what happens. I'll update later.