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  • DAN GRAY - Looks better than the real thing

    I could never give up a child for a TV! That's madness! So instead what my wife and I have been doing is just giving up bits of our children. Do you know what you can get for a healthy functioning child's kidney or lung in today's market? Well let me tell ya, it's been a real goldmine. So now we have the Samsung (love it!), a Tesla model S (couldn't swing the roadster) and Seahawk season tickets! Woohoo! And just when it looked like life couldn't get any better... Carol is pregnant again! Hello kitchen remodel 2015!

  • Bryan Mccormick - Works great!

    I have just used the product and i think it works exactly as advertised. I would like to address some concerns that other readers have noted:

  • Paul G - Hasn't been effective for me, doubts over scientific validity of formulation

    I really like this cream... as a moisturizer. It has a very pleasant consistency and scent - clearly a lot of work has been put into the formulation. With that said, it does not appear to work on scarring to any degree that is noticeable enough after 14 days of continuous, regular use. I've tried to be as scientific as I can with the testing as is possible when your cohort size = 1, designating scars from different causes (trauma, insect bites etc) as under test and including another as a control to which no cream would be applied. Unfortunately, I can't really say there's any clear sign of improvement and so the efficacy of this cream is suspect.

  • gwenna dews - I have nothing bad to say about this serum

    I have nothing bad to say about this serum. Its super light and I would guess work perfect on sensitive skin. Almost as light as water and leaves your skin feeling smooth and even, Goes well under a cream to lock in moisture. I would tell anyone about this product extra for those who don't like heavy or strong. I have to say that the bottle is beautiful the most pretty bottle I have seen ever. I will keep it just for looking at when its empty. I paid almost nothing to try it out how great is that.