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  • Arturo - Would be great if it worked

    The Nest looks beautiful and sets up easily and well. One problem: It doesn't work. I have gone through two of these, spent hours on the line with customer support, and still have the same problems. The most vexing one is that it does not turn on in the morning to heat up the house. Not even in manual mode. The scheduled time says 5:45, but every morning (for more than 45 days), I have had to press "End Away" when I come downstairs to the freezing first floor. I have reset it, restarted it, replaced it, and still the same problem. Strangely, it seems to recognize other set points. One morning, for example, after I had to start it again by pressing "End Away," I set the temperature remotely to rise by an additional two degrees 30 minutes later. Presto, the temperature rose by two degrees. And yet, still, frustrating, maddeningly, annoyingly, it would not come on in the morning. There were other problems as well. During one learning cycle, it decided that the heat should come on at 12 noon, even though we are all awake by 630am and no one is usually in the house at noon (at least during the week). It never seems to recognize that anyone is in the room unless you stand right in front of it and wave your hand. Quite simply, it doesn't do what it claims to do. If this is a "learning" thermostat, it gets an F.

  • HappyMe - advertised improperly

    did its job But the advertising made it sound like it eats up your fat content. It actually is just an appetite suppressant made of fiber not a fat burner. I already don't eat much. My weight is from my pregnancy. So this product was not right for my situation.

  • MishL - 2, 4 & 9 year old approved :) happy mom!

    First, I want to say that I was the owner of an omega juicer, which was great, except that when juicing, you get the pulp separated from the juice and so you lose all of that fiber. When i saw this infomercial, it intrigued me, because I like my children (2,4 & 9) to get their veggies in, but they will not just eat them plain, usually. So, I cook things with broccoli in it, I find other ways to sneak in their veggies, but when I bought my omega juicer, I was hoping for something more. It was a great juicer, but again, the fiber issue and the bulkiness and hassle of cleanup is what kept it in my cupboard and not using it. I was very skeptical about the nutribullet and my husband refused, at first, to let me purchase it, because he said to me "you've been watching infomercials again, haven't you?" lol anyway, I knew when i tried greens in my regular blender, the greens would get stuck on the blade and it just never worked, so when i saw you could use greens in the nutribullet, I immediately wanted one. I sold my omega juicer that i paid 229 dollars on craigslist for 150. Then, i convinced my husband to let me purchase this. He caved. I went to walmart and picked one up for 99 dollars and the first time I tried it, my husband was actually impressed! A week later, he's using it by himself while I'm sleeping for breakfast! We tried spinach, , carrots, kale, banana, orange, pineapple, apple, blueberries, grapes and strawberries, ice and flax seed whole. At first i kept wondering why they had such little flavor, but then i figured out it was becuase of the water. Think about it like this - if you juice a pineapple, and add water to it, you are getting watered down flavor. So, i tried doing half juice, half water and WOW!! the taste improved significantly. The best part about it, is that my kids LOVE IT!!! When i had my juicer, they did not like the green juices I would make, I'd have to mix it with regular juice to get them to drink it down. They beg me to make nutriblasts! Now, after all the raving I've done, I WILL say a few things that kind of concerns me. One, it leaked a few drops twice so far. I just take a napkin and I wipe it up right away, and it's not anything more than a few drops, so for now, I'm assuming it was my fault for not screwing on the blade tight enough. (i never overfill above MAX line, so i know it's not that) Two - I am scared to run it for too long because it's my baby and I don't want to mess the motor up! lol Three- It does not pulverize the flax seed as good as i thought it would and there are tiny peices of skin from some fruits, but definitely so small that it doesn't even matter. I am SHOCKED at how this thing turns a peice of lettuce into liquid. There are no chunks whatsoever and any skin or seed that you can see are smaller than the size of a dot you'd make on a piece of paper with crayon. You can't even taste it. Even with my juicer, i'd get bigger chunks/thicker product than the nutribullet!! No complaints from the kids or hubby about it. We are LOVING this thing! right now it's on amazon for 159. That is too much money, in my opinion. Try walmart or bed bath and beyond for 99. and make sure to fill out your warranty card online, then you get an extra 3 month warranty! We've been using it daily for well over a week now and it really is a fantastic product. It makes me full enough to not eat ( i could stand to lose a lot of lbs) and so that is one thing I am really digging about it. And we all know fiber is important in our diets, which is something the nutriblasts offers that my expensive juicer can not. Great products, if my kids are begging for it like it's a treat, then I would most certainly recommend this!! I've consumed more greens in the past week using my nutriblast than I have in the past year :) I'm sold. Definitely consider this gadget for your home!

  • Crazylabrat - Very easy to put together!

    Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights - Super-Bright 15 Lumens - Perfect Neutral Design; Makes Garden Pathways & Flower Beds Look Great - Easy NO-WIRE Installation; All-Weather/Water-Resistant by SolarGlow were really easy to put together, just connect 2 stems together, put the light on one end and the spike on the other, turn the switch to "ON" and stick it in the ground where you want it. But make sure it gets plenty of sun. The one closest to my garage (I have them lined up & down my driveway), only get about 6 hours of sun and it isn't as bright, and doesn't last all night like the other ones do. All in all though, these are pretty handy dandy and I'm really glad I got them.

  • Jennifer Vazquez - All CLEP test books the same

    I was looking for multiple practice tests to take for one of the subjects, and there was only one test for my subject in this book.

  • Amazon Customer - All-In-One Islamic Library and Digital Toolkit for All Muslims!

    Celestial Signs of Allah, Quran Al Hakeem, Authentic Hadith Compilations, and many more legitimately useful feature and materials for Muslims in one place: Muslim Pro!

  • J. Ly - My new favorite bag

    Great bag. It's my attempt to move away from the classic backpack. Nicely fits my clipboard with papers, a textbook, and my iPad. Has little pouches for extras like my earbuds and index cards.