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Country:, North America, US

City: -74.0093 New York, United States

  • Amazon Customer - AMAZING product!

    First let me say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pura D'Or hair care products. I have been lucky enough to try several of their products and have been extremely happy with every single one of them!!! When I saw this one I immediately knew I wanted to try it out! When it arrived it came in a big box. The packaging is just lovely! They did a great job there! The product surprised me in that it comes in 8 individual packets rather than a tub. Each small box comes with a shower cap so that you can keep the heat in for that extra nourishing saturation. At first, after only seeing 8 packets I was a little disappointed thinking that I would only get 8 deep masques. However, each packet has lasted me a minimum of 3 uses (I have fine hair that goes just past my shoulders), so I am actually going to get so much more than those 8 masques! I am stoked about that!! Before conditioning I apply their hair loss prevention shampoo then use this on my hair. After washing out my hair is soooo very soft and totally manageable! My hair, normally really frizzy is totally tame and is so easy to style! Not only that, but that style will last into the next day too! That is a miracle for me!! I really can't say enough about this product and all their other products in their line of hair loss prevention hair care. I will continue to use this indefinitely!

  • Lololi Speaks - Ohhhh Myyyy Hair!

    My friend told me about this product and one day I was sitting in her couch twisting my locs. BEAUTIFUL RESULTS.

  • David J. Smey - expensive, broken software

    I do a lot of music typesetting for academic publications, and Finale has been my tool of choice for more than a decade. However, I am quickly running out of patience with Makemusic, because each expensive upgrade contains bugs which they simply don't bother to patch. I became so exasperated with the "stuck key" bug in Finale 2010 that I plunked down the money to upgrade to this, only to find that graphical exporting to EPS is so broken here as to make it unusable. (Specifically, when you convert notation to an EPS, the noteheads and stems are all misaligned.) So I left 2010 installed on my system and I still use it more often than this.

  • Chantelle - This teatox is going great - I feel like I have more energy and ...

    This teatox is going great - I feel like I have more energy and am excited to wake up in the morning. I have dropped 3 lbs in the first few days which is probably water weight but none the less nice to see on the scale. This set comes with an adorable pink infuser and it has a rest for when you have it out of your mug.

  • eaglesnester9er - so easy to install

    go to You tube and follow the instructional video....so easy to do! Dont bother to read the instruction paper they provide in the box because it is only pictures....so confusing and whoever put that thing together probably is unemployed today. Makes my Unlimited Sport model look like the Oscar Mike, Safari or Rubicon which have this standard. Had it installed within half hour....adds style to fuel cap by adding the door....also protects from mud, sand and snow from collecting inside....must have!