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  • Deglas Christian - This CD starts with 3 very strong numbers like "In the Now"

    I compared the other Barry Gibb's CD "Now Voyager" with this one 10 years later. The spirit of the Bee Gees is still present, but the voice of Barry is a little be different. This CD starts with 3 very strong numbers like "In the Now", "Grand Illusion" looking like a hard rock sound very originally and "Star Crossed Lovers" made for lovers and searching a very poetic ambiance. The others compositions are in the same surprises alternating with very sweet songs and more rocking productions like "Home Truth Song" showing that Barry's voice is still like a music instrument. Very good and class come back.

  • Penumbra - Meticulous restoration of a holiday classic

    Although this 1951 classic film takes some liberties with the Dicken's novel, it remains the film most faithful to the original story. Some of the sets and costumes were directly inspired by the memorable illustrations in the first edition of the book. Alastair Sim is very convincing as the miserly Scrooge who, after a terrifying night of ghostly visits, is transformed into a man who knows how to keep Christmas in his heart.

  • Dan H - Nice pedal covers!

    Looks good in my 2012 Charger R/T! Also improves my driving with a better foot grip on the pedals. Installation on the brake pedal is tough. You have to soak pedal hot soapy water for 10 min first and rush to install on medal brake bracket. Be careful edges are aharp and can cut your fingers like I did but after install its worth it.

  • Olga Bacher - Great Cough Relief

    This product helped me to get rid of my very persistent cough that I got as part of a flu like infection. It works so simple (essential oils absorbed through the intestines sooth the mucous membranes from the inside) and is completely natural. I just love it.

  • crystalclear2me - It works for me and my husband

    I've used the back2life machine since it arrived several months ago, and for myself and my husband, the results are beneficial. I don't think any one machine can work for everyone, but I use it 2 to 3 times per week. Since I've used it, I am able to walk longer and stronger. Before I used it, my right leg collapsed on me, and was going numb. Now, I still periodically get pressure on my lower right side of the back, from compressed vertebrae, but after using the back to life, the pressure is alleviated, and I feel fine. My husband uses it to relieve his lower back pressure, which comes from sitting at a desk at his job, and he also likes it.

  • colo_chic - DOOMSDAY!

    It's definately worth adding to the collection. I would say better than "Volcano" a notch above "the Day after Tomorrow" in acting . . . and right up there with Deep Impact in terms of action and suspense. Good movie! But be in the mood to be a little freaked out or want to go out and stock up on supplies. hahaha!