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  • Luci - Soft & Fits an Oval Bassinet

    I tried several brands/sheets to find one that would snugly fit my oval shaped bassinet. This is the only one I found that would work. It's soft and has held up great in the wash. The green color is a little brighter than the image shows, but the cream color sheet is exactly as shown.

  • Steve Coakley - Great For Watching 20 Yr. Old TV Shows & 10 Yr. Old Movies

    It's cheap and convenient for watching movies or old TV shows and most are in HD but they hardly ever have anything I'm looking for and never have anything new. They tend to have cheap knock off copies of hit movies that were made for TV. If you search for Transformers you will find a really bad one called Transmorphers! I did find Transformers Dark of the Moon, which surprised me, but most of the other movies are 10 yrs. old or more. I had to dump Netflix when it quit working on Century Link DSL and would only buffer all the time and never play.