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Welcome to Dr Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinic - Cosmetic skin care treatments from Dr Leah clinics. We offer a variety of treatments, including chemical peels, facial fillers and fat loss procedures.

  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/about-us About Us - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - About Dr Leah skin clinics. Dr Leah Totton and her medical team are dedicated to the safe, moral use of aesthetic medicine.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/facial-rejuvenation/skin-analysis-consultation Skin Analysis Consultation Facial Rejuvenation - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - Book a beauty consultation session with Dr Leah clinics today! A skin analysis consultation helps us to recommend the perfect treatment for you.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/facial-rejuvenation/microdermabrasion Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial Rejuvenation - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - Diamond microdermabrasion is a revolutionary rejuvenation treatment, available from Dr Leah clinics. Book your microdermabrasion facial treatment now!
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/facial-rejuvenation/dermaroller Dermaroller Facial Rejuvenation - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - A dermaroller facial treatment can noticeably reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines. It is also an effective acne scar treatment.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/facial-rejuvenation/nu-derm-skin-transformation Obagi Nu-Derm Skin Transformation Facial Rejuvenation - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - Obagi Nu-Derm is a medical skin care regime that repairs, regenerates and transforms your skin. Find out more from Dr Leah Clinics.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/facial-rejuvenation/facials Facials Facial Rejuvenation - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - Dr Leah clinics offer a huge variety of facial treatments to suit all ages and skin types. See our full list of facial skin care procedures here.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/facial-rejuvenation/anti-ageing-facial Anti Ageing Facial Rejuvenation - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - An anti-ageing facial from Dr Leah and her team can greatly reduce the signs of ageing. Book your anti-ageing treatment online today!
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/facial-rejuvenation/deep-exfoliation-facial Deep Exfoliation Facial Rejuvenation - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - Our deep exfoliation treatment is ideal for blackhead removal, as well as for the treatment of clogged pores and dry, lifeless skin.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/facial-rejuvenation/rf-skin-tightening-facial Skin Tightening Facial Rejuvenation - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - The 3D radio frequency facial is an ideal way to tighten your facial skin. The non-invasive procedure creates a noticeably more youthful appearance.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/facial-rejuvenation/dr-leah-bespoke-facial Dr Leah Bespoke Facial Rejuvenation - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - This deluxe facial is our very best facial treatment. The Dr Leah Bespoke Facial is tailored specifically to suit your needs!
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/facial-rejuvenation/professional-peels Professional Peels Facial Rejuvenation - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - Our professional skin peel treatments help to transform and rejuvenate the facial skin. Contact us now to book your free consultation session.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/facial-rejuvenation/glycolic-facial-peel Glycolic Skin Peel Facial Rejuvenation - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - A glycolic peel can give your facial skin a fresh, revitalised look. Book your skin peel with Dr Leah today!
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/laser-treatments/clear-lift Clear Lift Laser Treatment - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - ClearLift is a collagen plumping laser treatment that prevents and reverses the signs of ageing in the facial region. Book your consultation now!
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/laser-treatments/vascular Vascular Laser Treatment - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - If you are seeking a non-surgical solution for vascular lesions, our laser treatment for vascular lesions may be able to deliver the desired results.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/laser-treatments/pigmentation Pigmentation Laser Treatment - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - Hyperpigmentation can be reduced or even removed completely via laser treatment, available from the Dr Leah Clinic. Book your consultation today.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/laser-treatments/blue-light-treatment Blue Light Treatment Laser Treatment - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - The blue light treatment uses heat and blue light to treat acne safely and effectively. Contact us now to book your free consultation appointment.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/laser-treatments/i-pixel-laser i-Pixel Laser Treatment - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - i-Pixel Laser is a fractional skin resurfacing treatment that can improve skin texture and reverse the signs of ageing. Book your appointment here.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/laser-treatments/laser-hair-removal Laser Hair Removal Treatment - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - Soprano ICE is a revolutionary laser hair removal treatment, available from Dr Leah Clinics. Suitable for males and females.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/laser-treatments/tattoo-removal Tattoo Removal Laser Treatment - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - Dr Leah Clinic offer award winning laser tattoo removal. The FDA Approved Harmony XLTM laser can provide simple and effective tattoo removal in 6 - 8 sessions.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/enhancement-treatments/anti-wrinkle-injections Botox Enhancement Treatment - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - Botox injections are a proven method of combating lines and wrinkles. Botox anti-wrinkle injections are safe and extremely effective.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/enhancement-treatments/facial-filler Dermal Fillers Enhancement Treatment - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - Dermal fillers can be used smooth, plump, and rejuvenate your facial skin. Learn more about facial filler from Dr Leah clinics.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/enhancement-treatments/non-surgical-lip-enhancement Non Surgical Lip Enhancement Treatment - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - Lip fillers are a non-surgical means of adding volume and definition to your lips. Find out more about the lip enhancement procedure here.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/enhancement-treatments/non-surgical-cheek-enhancement Non Surgical Cheek Enhancement Treatment - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - Our non-surgical cheek enhancement procedure can give you more definition in your cheeks using naturally-occurring cheek fillers.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/enhancement-treatments/liquid-facelift Non Surgical Liquid Facelift Enhancement Treatment - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - A liquid facelift is a form of non-surgical facelift that can help to rejuvenate and refresh your facial appearance. Find out more on the Dr Leah website.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/enhancement-treatments/thread-lift Thread Lift Enhancement Treatment - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - Silhouette Soft is a thread lift treatment that combats the signs of ageing in the lower face. Book your non-surgical face lift with Dr Leah Clinics now!
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/enhancement-treatments/hifu-face-neck-lift HIFU Face and Neck Lift Enhancement Treatment - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - This face and neck lift procedure is also known as 3D SkinMed, ultrasound facelift, and Ultherapy. Learn more about HIFU and book an appointment here.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/body-treatments/body-dermaroller Body Dermaroller Body Treatment - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - The body dermaroller treatment from Dr Leah Skin Clinic is ideal for treating stretch marks and bodily scars. Book your free consultation today.
  • http://www.drleah.co.uk/body-treatments/hyperhidrosis Hyperhidrosis Body Treatment - Dr Leah Skin Clinic - Hyperhidrosis sufferers experience excessive sweating, but a hyperhidrosis treatment from Dr Leah clinics can help to stop this problem.

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