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Thyroid NC | Alternative Medicine Wilmington NC | Natural Health NC | Natural Remedies NC - Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Then contact Dr. Alaimo today and see what his vast experience in alternative medicine can do for your chronic condition!

  • http://www.drjoealaimo.com/alternative-medicine-wilmington-nc/ Alternative Medicine Wilmington NC - Looking for alternative medical treatments to your chronic conditions? With over 20 years experience in alternative medicine, look no further than Dr. Alaimo!
  • http://www.drjoealaimo.com/thyroid-symptoms-wilmington-nc/ Thyroid Symptoms Wilmington NC | Thyroid Problems Wilmington - Do you suffer from a thyroid symptoms? If so, then Dr. Alaimo is here to help whether you are experiencing hpothyroidism or hyperthyroidism symtoms!
  • http://www.drjoealaimo.com/diabetes-treatment-wilmington-nc/ Diabetes Treatment Wilmington NC | Diabetes Diet - Dr. Alaimo has been helping patients through alternative diabetes treatments for over 20 years. Is a diabetic diet the answer for you? Contact us to learn more!
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  • http://www.drjoealaimo.com/fibromyalgia-treatment-wilmington-nc/ Fibromyalgia Treatment Wilmington NC | Fibromyalgia Symptoms - Are you a fibromyalgia patient seeking other solutions? If so, Dr. Alaimo is there for you with over 20 years experience in fibromyalgia pain management.
  • http://www.drjoealaimo.com/back-pain-wilmington-nc/ Back Pain Wilmington NC | Lower Back Pain Wilmington NC - Do you suffer from chronic pain? If so, then Dr. Alaimo is there for you with over 20 years of experience in treating chronic pain with alternative methods!
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  • http://www.drjoealaimo.com/dr-alaimo-difference/ About Dr. Alaimo - Are you looking for alternative options for treating your chronic medical conditions? If so, look no further than Dr. Joe Alaimo.
  • http://www.drjoealaimo.com/about-us/ About Dr. Joe Alaimo - Dr. Joe Alaimo focuses his practice in helping folks with chronic conditions find relief through alternative treatment methods. Contact us today!
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  • c.adams - I have 4C hair, that's coarse hair. And ...

    I have 4C hair, that's coarse hair. And i started using this product and it did not help. It made my hair dryer,, I was looking for a moisturizer and this did not help. I would not be trying this product.

  • LeadSled70 - Junk right from the Box!!!

    After lugging this 200+ lb beast up the stairs and setting it up I excitedly jumped on for a great workout. That's when I realized I just wasted $1300 dollars. Every rotation of the LEFT pedal assembly brought a CLUNK CLUNK! Come to find out this is a VERY COMMON PROBLEM. I then waited several weeks for a repair man to come. He gave me a time period anywhere from 2pm to 7pm on a Saturday, pretty lame but what can you do right? Well he shows up at 5:25pm, looks at it for 20 seconds and says " Yep it's the same thing I have seen on the other SIX Sole E35's I had today". In ONE day he had 6 service calls for the same problem. He said that Sole is aware of the problems from the factory and continues to ship them out as is. Then they waste time sending the wrong parts to eat up your warranty time. If I hadn't already chopped up the box this piece of garbage would be on it's way back to Sole...or as I refer to them now as " Soleless ". A great example of Profit before Quality. I have heard they make a great treadmill from friends, they just make a lousy elliptical. Now I have to wait a week for a new left side assembly then another 1-2 weeks for the guy to come back and install it. It will have been 2 months of waiting before we can use it. All this while Soleless enjoys my hard earned $1300 clams. I will be calling the Better Buisness Bureau for sure on these clowns.

  • B. Alleman - Great monitor at the right price!

    After using a 17" square LCD monitor for 10 years, I decided it was time for a new wide screen monitor. Because there is very little bezel at the top and sides, this monitor takes up less space than other so-called 24" models. The matte finish is just what I wanted, and colors seem very true. The only con is the difficulty adjusting brightness, etc. with the tiny buttons on the bottom of the screen. I haven't noticed any light spots on dark backgrounds that several had mentioned. In fact, the picture is perfect in my opinion.

  • Homesteader - This is the one you want!

    Best design and construction of any portable boat battery box out there. AND, my Odyssey "Performance" #65-760 Deep Cycle Battery fits this box nicely! You can't do better than this battery box and the price is right too.

  • ARL247 - A Great Invention

    We use this for baking, broiling and roasting anything sticky. It works as described, just be sure to put the food on the non-stick side of the foil. It's especially useful for broiling fish.