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DOT DRIVER PHYSICALS - DOT Driver Physicals Home - Description of our services for drivers to obtain their CDL physical exam requirements.Get your DOT Medical Card in Rhode Islandfrom Dr. Jeffrey Reed and Dr. Michael O'Keefe.

  • http://www.dot-driver-physicals.com/About-Us.html DOT DRIVER PHYSICALS - About Us - Dr Jeff Reed and Dr Michael O'Keefe are the doctors at dot-driver-physicals.com are NRCME certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, FMCSA, NRCME and the DOT.
  • http://www.dot-driver-physicals.com/Contact-Us.html DOT DRIVER PHYSICALS - Contact Us - An easy form to contact us or Email [email protected] We have 2 offices in Rhode Island. Call us today! DOT Medical Card in RI 401-567-0077 and 401-934-0077.Address: 6 Village Plaza Way N Scituate RI 02857See the about us page for MAP and locations.
  • http://www.dot-driver-physicals.com/blog.html My Blog - Updated information regarding our services and important announcements. Our goal is getting you back on the road quickly and safely. FMSCA NRCME trained physicians are Certified by the DOT. Get your DOT Medical Card in Rhode Island from Dr. Jeffrey Reed and Dr. Michael O'Keefe.
  • http://www.dot-driver-physicals.com/DOT-Services-price-list.html DOT DRIVER PHYSICALS - DOT Services price list - Check out the list of competitively priced DOT Physical Exams for your DOT Medical Card and our services and prices.
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