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  • Random Bimms - Life altering Book

    This book changed my life. First, a word of caution: if you are bigoted against religion, if you are intolerant of anyone who dares to talk about God and so forth, you should not read this book.

  • FuManChiu - A few keys intermittently stop working.

    Worked like a dream for a few months. I always kept it on my desk, never spilled anything on it, and never put excessive pressure on it. Then, about half the time the G, H, Backspace, Esc, and brightness/volume keys wouldn't work. After a while they would consistently not work. I sent it in to Toshiba for repairs, it worked for a few weeks, then the same problem started happening again.

  • Jennifer Goad - Another great flavor from a great product line

    I have tried several of these flavors and this one is pretty good. It's harder to mix with other stuff (I sometimes like to add frozen fruits to the chocolate flavor) but other than that it's great. It tastes great hot too!

  • Arnold Gudunski - Counterfeit in my opinion...

    The one I received from seller debler in my opinion is counterfeit, evidenced by a comparison of a legitimate Rambler I purchased from REI:

  • Lorraine E. Jensen - Two thumbs up!

    It took me just 30 minutes to make my will using Willmaker 2010. I showed to my brother-in-law, the fancy lawyer (OK, he's also a nice guy) and he gave it two thumbs up. And, oh by the way Willmaker is about half the price of "Legal Zoom". And I get Nolo's famous reliability.