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  • Kt Hatcher - Please don't waste your money

    Please don't waste your money. It Works is a TOTAL scam... These pills make you have bad diarrhea and once you get off of them, you gain the weight right back! If you're looking to lose weight, just do it a more natural way. Not to mention that these pills aren't even FDA approved. It Works screws you out of your money. The distributors are extremely annoying as well!

  • JuanderBoy - Now I have a knife with me all the time.

    I'm not one to keep a knife with me all the time, but after I got this one I don't wanna leave it home. That's leatherman baby! that's all I have to say about the sharpness.

  • John - Arrived in only a few days as promised. This ...

    Arrived in only a few days as promised. This is the kit you want for your light bar with a dash mounted switch. Wiring instructions might be sufficient for others but were barely adequate for me. I got it right on the first try but had questions. I emailed mic tuning for additional support but they never responded.

  • Mike - IL - Good purchase

    Good little lamps. They were a bit smaller than I thought they would be; however, the flashlight is very bright and the lantern functionality is very useful. I purchased two of these lights and used them for my Saturday evening tailgate, nice bright lights which I stuck to the side of my vehicle (magnets on the bottom of the Vitchelo). I can see these lights/lamps for many purposes - night lights on the deck, flashlights and lamps in the event you have a power outage and every day flashlight needs.

  • S. Melvin - Mary Kay TimeWise Day Radiance

    I have not used the night solution yet but the day radiance seems to be different in the way that the cream is thinner and it leaves my face with a shine unlike any that I have used before. Even so, I will probably continue to use it.

  • Amber - Great taste. Makes me feel full

    Great taste. Makes me feel full. Perfect meal replacement. I love blending it with fresh fruit. Doesn't taste grainy or powder-like. I love the vanilla flavor because it can be mixed with any fruits and/or veggies.