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  • Kimberly - so I definitely do not want to give this a bad review because my excessive split ends and weak hair ...

    I'm not so sure what to take on this, so I definitely do not want to give this a bad review because my excessive split ends and weak hair could be for endless reasons.

  • Cindy - Calming!

    This Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil from Pure Body Natural has a very smooth and calming lavender fragrance. It's not only good to help you relax to sleep, but also research has revealed that lavender may be useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness plus other things. This is 100% pure and also packaged in the USA! I put just a drop on my pillow at night and I've been sleeping great and waking refreshed and ready to begin my day! I would highly recommend this brand for anyone looking into buying lavender essential oil!

  • S. Egan - Nail Fungus Go Away Naturally

    I have been using ZetaClear Nail Fungus treatment for three weeks and finally after many other treatments I am starting to get results and for so little money. It is worth a try if you are like me and tried everything else including VICKS for over a year, over-the-counter nail fungus products and even one doctor prescribed topical treatment. And if this is your first product to try I would recommend starting with ZetaClear as it is inexpensive and will probably work for most people.

  • wendy - I've just about finished colouring in all the pictures

    I like to choose my colours so it really compliments the pictures portrayed in the book. In this cas the images left were of men hugging and patting each other on the bottom after collecting a wicket. So I decided to use all the colours of the rainbow.

  • D. Rock - Quickbooks will end up being a Harvard Business School Case Study on Bad Decision-making

    From the "customer sevice" to the constant upsell, from the online "support" with broken links and unworkable answers, to $149/year support charges, INTUIT is the definition of GREED.

  • ThursdayNext - Pretty good

    I don't know what everyone is complaining about regarding the setup, it was incredibly fast and simple. My guess, people don't know what they're doing. But I was displeased that this product uses a 2.4Ghz wireless radio which I personally cannot work with because I have too many other network signals around me in that band and it causes significant interference. So much so that it reduces the speed to less than 20Mbps. Still a good product for the price, and the touch screen was very cool. Ended up returning it, but can't say it was all bad


    If you look closely at the picture front left side left foot the material is cut short where the left foot sets. Why would you make a product that covers under the brake and accelerator peddles and then cut it short where the left foot sets getting the carpet dirty. I wrote the following email to WEATHERTECH and they chose not to respond.