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  • tony - BEAST MODE

    Awesome stuff! If you wanna grow and need a push in the gym buy this stuff, can go non stop with his stuff.

  • Joe Corso - Wow! Magic, Elves, Dwarfs, and Roman Legions.

    I love books about the Roman Legions, and I was prepared to dislike this book since it concerns magic, elves, dwarfs and Roman Legions even though Roman isn't mentioned before Legion. As I read the book and because of the clever story line I began to change my mind. By books end I was hooked.

  • Grace - The Best Solar Lights!

    These are the best solar lights ever! These are very well made. The poles are stainless steel, not plastic like so many others. They are very easy to assemble. The black pointed part that goes into the ground is inside each of the poles. Just remove it, flip it around and insert it back into the pole. You are now ready to push this part into the ground. The solar lights come complete with batteries that are fully charged and ready to turn on. The little switch is on the bottom, just push it to on. Remove the plastic on top that protects the solar part for shipping. Place it on top of the poles that you have already placed in the ground and you're all set. Now you can enjoy them when they come on at dark. They will charge during the day from the sun. These are very pretty and give off a fair amount of light. They are tall, not these little short ones that you get at Walmart of somewhere. The company will guarantee them for life. This is the first set of solar lights that I've had and I'm sure glad that I chose these. If you have found this to be helpful would you please click 'yes', thank you.

  • S.M. Hughes - awesome

    This was a gift for my 13 year old grandson but every year when he gets one, he's excited about it. And it's a great learning tool.

  • Gabriel Schneck - I think I'm going to destroy these gloves pretty quickly. I crash a lot and catch my ...

    Not so impressed with the fabric in the fingers. I think I'm going to destroy these gloves pretty quickly. I crash a lot and catch my gloves on branches which are tearing these apart.