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Dementia: Symptoms, Causes, Types & Treatments - Dementia.org - Best resource for dementia help, diagnosis, and treatment, from leading researchers and therapists. Dementia.org is the online resource trusted by researchers and clinical providers

  • https://www.dementia.org/conditions Types of Dementia - Learn about all the types of dementia including Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Parkinson's, Vascular, Lewy Body, Mixed and more.
  • https://www.dementia.org/normal-pressure-hydrocephalus Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus - Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) is a type of dementia caused by a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles o...
  • https://www.dementia.org/what-is-dementia Does Someone You Know Have Dementia? - Dementia is an umbrella term used to describe a decline in memory or brain function that impacts an individual's daily l...
  • https://www.dementia.org/dementia-grief-3-stages Dementia Grief – What Are The 3 Stages - Dementia grief is not like typical mourning and family members encounter distinct stages as they deal with their loved one's cognitive and physical decline
  • https://www.dementia.org/dementia-grief-process-states Dementia Grief – What Are The Process States? - If your loved one is suffering from Alzheimer's, understand dementia grief by knowing the process you go through: Separation, liminality, and re-emergence
  • https://www.dementia.org/dementia-grief-characteristics Dementia Grief – What Makes It Unique? - Families of dementia sufferers deal with two deaths – a living death and a physical death of a loved one. Understand the aspects, processes, and stages
  • https://www.dementia.org/dementia-drug-therapy-review Dementia Drugs - What Works And What Doesn't - Dementia Drugs: What are the different types of drugs used for managing dementia, what effect do they have, and which ones really work.
  • https://www.dementia.org/how-to-fly-with-dementia Dementia: 9 Tips For Successful Air Travel - 9 suggestions to guide and assist a dementia sufferer traveling by plane: 1. Get to the airport well in advance of your flight time; 2. Notify airport staff that you are travelling with a person with dementia; and learn more.
  • https://www.dementia.org/causes Causes Of Dementia - It is traumatic to witness someone lose themselves because of dementia. On-going research has demystified the causes of dementia, which may stem from hereditary, environmental, and/or lifestyle circumstances. Learn more below.
  • https://www.dementia.org/symptoms Symptoms Of Dementia - Dementia effects 47.5 million elderly people worldwide with varying symptoms depending on their condition. While it may be difficult to distinguish dementia versus aging, there is some distinction to determine whether or not a patient has dementia. Learn more below.
  • https://www.dementia.org/treatment Treatments For Dementia - Dementia is currently undergoing extensive research to find treatments that can better manage, reverse, and even cure its symptoms. Learn More Below.

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  • Sonoferin - I love this stuff

    Ok I am using this as part of a diet I have started, I am not a health nut nor am I being rewarded for this review. I am 61 years old and trying to lose weight because of my diabetes. I am going by a book I have read ( and will re read ) called Zero Belly Fat. The book is great but what is even better is that his advice is bang on! So far on this diet which is about 3 weeks I have lost a total of 15 IBs. I didnt start using the Plant Fusion till a week into the diet. So its been a very positive experience. I have read some people talk about the taste being not good, well not for me. I add frozen bananas (1/2) in the morning and frozen fruit at midday, and I love the taste,. I did not think it chalky and at this rate of weight loss I couldnt be happier. I give this product a great big thumbs up...

  • Quirky Girl - At Time Snobbish, But Still A Great Escape

    This was enjoyable, but I hesitated between 3 or 4 Stars. Some of the stories are great, many are just, eh. I felt it to be more "intellectual" of a read. I love the essays of Lisa Scottoline, very down to earth and connects to a wide community of readers. Theroux's edition of Travel Essays read a bit snobbish.

  • Divalicious Candi - Kills bedbugs!

    after laughing at all the harsh chemicals they had become immune to, this diatomaceous earth physically ripped to shreds the evil beings brought into my apartment building when "undesirable" neighbors in. After I killed the bugs, I bought a house so I never ever ever have to go through that horror again!!! When my house got invaded my carpenter ants that similarly laughed diabolically at chemicals, I busted out the leftover diatomaceous earth I had dragged over with me- saved my sanity & the investment on my house! Forget about expensive exterminators with chemicals that don't work- Terminix did nothing for me but take my money- GET THIS DIATOMACEOUS EARTH!!!!

  • W. Carson - Goal Zero works great

    The Guide 10 Plus works great. As long as you follow the directions it works as stated. Used the battery pack this weekend to charge my iPhone while on a camping trip. The solar panel kept the battery pack charged - we did have full sun available. The flashlight option is handy for in the tent at night.

  • Amazon Customer - Great book. So much to learn and to get ...

    Great book. So much to learn and to get your body healthy. And really breaks down African health versus European health

  • tabbysdg - do not go long term, so if you do try it, make sure to stay in the short term set ups

    i signed onto this set up, for i guess one year.. and then used it a couple of times.. then after 2 - 3 months i realized it was a waste and i should not have signed up. contacted the company and tried to have it cancelled but they wanted money to cancel it. so i put it on some kind of hold for 3 months.. just now they started billing me again.. i have cancelled the payments.. i wish they had just cancelled it.. i am sure they could see that i was not a real user and bought into the monthly plan without realizing that i did not need the editing i thought i would require... i feel like they could have been more gracious and just let me cancel without wanting i think 50$... could have been more i forget exactly how much.. so i guess my point is.. check you free apps and programs for editing.. mine do as good a job as this creative cloud deal.. a waste of my money.. just be sure you really want it if you do order it... they do not let you out of the it easy... just waiting now to see what they will do to someone who has not used the product more than 5 times sind Feb and who is unwilling to pay for it..

  • Jay Six - A Fitting Swan Song

    How bittersweet to know this is the end of the road for these three voices together. But what a collection! The two proper Trio recordings are well documented and the sound cleanup is nice and unobtrusive. It is of course the third disc of unreleased, alternates, etc. that is the draw - and it does not disappoint The version of "Calling My Children Home" might be worth the price of admission. It's been a jewel in Emmy's live sets for years but this version with Dolly on lead and the angelic harmonies lifting her higher is transcendent. My only quibble: "Palms Of Victory" from the aborted 1978 recording sessions was left out - luckily for those of us who picked up Emmylou's Songbird box set, it is out there to add to this otherwise perfect collection. Bottom line: if you enjoyed either of the albums, this a worthy upgrade.