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Dayton Nursery & Garden Center - Norton, Ohio - Dayton Nursery is a complete nursery and garden center located in Norton, Ohio. We carry over 700 perennials, also trees, shrubs, roses, water pond supplies, garden statuaryand more to accomodate all your landscape needs. (Gardening help on all plant material included on this site).

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  • Amazon Customer - ... for over 25 years frankincense is one of my favorite oils it's my go to oil

    I've been an aromatherapist for over 25 years frankincense is one of my favorite oils it's my go to oil. This is absolutely the worst frankincense I've ever encountered it does not smell like frankincense at all I'm not sure what it smells like it's not therapeutic grade it's not aromatherapy grade please please do not waste your money on this brand of frankincense it's not worth it .

  • Donna Dreher - So Cute!!

    What's not to like!? Shopkins are so cute! My daughter collects them and "Crispy Chip" was just a s darling in person!

  • Iamsiam - Gradually making a REAL difference!

    I have been using this Acne Scar Cream but not on acne scaring, but on scars from scratches on both my legs and arms from gardening work and hiking and getting scratched and cut. I used to heal very well, but with age (mid 50's) I scar if I cut myself at all, and these days I scar dark and it just doesn't fade. So when the opportunity to try this product for my opinion and review came up I was excited to try it.

  • barleypopmaker - I'd give it 10 stars if I could! Bass Guitar review from a beginner.

    OK, I'll put it out there. I am not a musician and I don't have aspiring goals to be in a band. However, I have always loved the sound of the bass guitar and was working on teaching myself bass since about August of this year. For a complete novice, I was OK. But I wanted to try this game for the PS3 after seeing video of it, and my boss purchased it for guitar and loved it, he has been playing for a few years. Anyway, I got it for Christmas and I have to say it is awesome! The first song I was playing was Pour some sugar on me and at first I was thinking, "There is more bass lines in this song than this" then as I was hitting the notes it was giving me consistently, I noticed that more of those missing notes I was hearing, were appearing the screen. I heard it slowed the song down for you until you got it, but it was actually laying out the foundation notes first, and slowly bringing in the fills and harder transitions as the program noticed that I was getting the song. That was pretty awesome. I moved on to Tom Petty for some variety, and because he is one of my personal favs. I was really hitting the song in stride, when all of the sudden it was way out of my league for the transitions. I used the riff repeater and got down the parts that were causing me problems. Now I know that this program cannot take the place of a great personal teacher, but for someone like me who just wants to have fun and play the instrument, it is the most perfect tool I could have asked for. The only thing, is I wish there was some way to select any song you want and covert it Rocksmith. There are a lot of songs on the game, but not all of them are my style of music. It would be awesome if we could get some morphine or even some funky blues, like Robert Randolph. I know it's being nit picky, but if I were to have one dream it would be no limit on the song titles you could choose from.