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  • Wasafisherman - A little bit "Over The Top"

    On the whole, I would say that this is really an excellent book, although I don't agree with all that he says and I doubt that any man would. But the fundamental premise about men returning to their "Alpha" traits and improving themselves is refreshingly honest and very accessible. I'm using many of the principles in this book with great success and I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

  • Marianne Stone - Secure *looking*, but wall bracket has a serious design flaw.

    So, after getting a stud finder, measuring where I can put my TV, drilling pilot holes, and lining up the wall bracket, I began the process of screwing in the wall bracket. It is at this point that I discovered that the endcaps on the swivel mechanism block the screw from going all the way into the wall. Only about 1/2 inch of screw went in before it got blocked by an endcap; enough to "securely" fasten the bracket to drywall. Perhaps this is what the many other reviewers saying the screws aren't long enough are talking about? I could not believe my eyes, but it's true; the self-tap lag screw cannot get past the swivel endcap. Totally unacceptable for something that I need to trust to hold up a big, heavy television.