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Accueil - Vous voulez apprendre à danser ? Découvrez les différentes danses de salon et de société chez l'école Yann Le Mouroux à Nantes : rock, salsa, cha cha, valse, tango, west coast swing, paso doble, samba, rumba, quickstep...

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 1.4708 Upper Garonne, France

  • Bryce Hay - Problem Solved!

    This product is amazing. I have suffered from constipation for as long as I can remember and this is the only product I have found to keep me regular.

  • sunnypickle - Best Novel I read this Year

    I read a lot of novels in a year, but this one hooked me early and kept me on the line as each chapter unfolded. I'm not a big history buff, but the clashes that occur between the highly cultured interned German sailors, and the backwoods Appalachian folk of Hot Spring, NC is played out with exquisite sensitivity & timing by Roberts. Our flawed hero, Stephen, is a divorced alcoholic who is forced to call upon all his inner resources to deal with the onslaught of foreigners he is responsible for as manager of the Mountain Park Hotel as well as the Hot Springs Internment Camp. Uncommonly well educated for the time & place, he finds a way to maintain the peace against great odds. His cousin Roy, the local Sheriff is his long time enemy and foil, not quite pure evil, but almost.

  • Graedon Li - Judge this book by its poor cover

    This is just terrible. From the awful I-did-this-in-5-minutes Photoshop cover, to the poorly-edited content, to the sad attempt at formatting. I couldn't make it through even half the book. It's a rambling mess where few parts are well-written or logical.

  • Allison Carver - These pens enabled me to find myself

    All my life, I've worn jeans instead of skirts and dresses, played rough boyish games, and was never able to end every sentence I speak on an upnote--unless I was actually asking a question. I was confused, ashamed, and felt so alone. Then I discovered Bic Cristal for Her, and my life has changed 1000 percent! I wear frilly aprons over my skirts and dresses while cleaning the house (because Bic Cristal for Her gave me the courage to quit my job); I am able to defer to Men in all things, having finally accepted that possessing two degrees doesn't mean I know more or better than any Man, regardless of subject; and I have finally been able to accept that I need never think for myself again--Bic Cristal for Her has freed me of these modern-day burdens that have plagued my sisters and me for the last five decades. Finally, I can sit back and let a Man take care of me for as long as he sees fit. FREEDOM!

  • Philip Dawson - A Very Nice Addition

    I love my new (used) Scion XD but one of my arms felt left out. The left one could sit on the door thing-a-majingy but my right one, well it did not have a thing-a-majingy.