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PTFE Pipe and Fluoropolymer Products | Dalau.com - At Dalau, we specialise in producing high quality PTFE and fluoropolymer products for a range of industries worldwide. Tel: 01255 220 220.

  • http://www.dalau.com/aerospace.html Aerospace | AS 9100 Rev C Approved Machined Components - We Specialise in producing AS 9100 Rev C Approved Machined Components for the Aerospace industry. Tel: 01255 220220.
  • http://www.dalau.com/medical.html Micro Machined Components for the Medical Industry - We Specialise in producing Micro Machining for the Medical industry including spinal supports and blood clot filters. Tel: 01255 220220.
  • http://www.dalau.com/electronics.html Hi Tech Micro Components Manufacturer - We Specialise in producing Hi Tech Micro Components for electronic applications. Tel: 01255 220220.
  • http://www.dalau.com/semiconductor.html Semiconductor Wafer Carriers Manufacturer - We Specialise in producing high quality machined components including Semiconductor Wafer Carriers. Tel: 01255 220220.
  • http://www.dalau.com/chemical.html Chemical | Machine Highly Complex Solid PTFE Chemical Pumps - Dalau.com machine highly complex solid PTFE Chemical pumps to customer specifications for high purity applications.
  • http://www.dalau.com/engineering.html Engineering | Bearing Pads, Slide Plates, Friction Brakes - We can manufacture bearing pads, slide plates, friction brakes, they can be etched and bonded onto steel, cast iron or other plastics.
  • http://www.dalau.com/ptfe.html PTFE | Polytetrafluoroethylene - We Specialise in producing machined products using PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) plastics. For more information call 01255 220220.
  • http://www.dalau.com/peek.html PEEK Components and Machining | PolyEtherEther Ketone - We Specialise in producing machined products using PEEK (PolyEtherEther Ketone) plastics. For more information call 01255 220220.
  • http://www.dalau.com/pctfe PCTFE | Polychlorotrifluoroethylene - We Specialise in producing machined products using PCTFE (Polychlorotrifluoroethylene) plastics. For more information call 01255 220220.
  • http://www.dalau.com/pvdf.html PVDF | PolyVinyliDene Fluoride - We Specialise in producing machined products using PVDF (PolyVinyliDene Fluoride) plastics. For more information call 01255 220220.
  • http://www.dalau.com/machined-components.html Precision Machined Plastic Components PVDF, PCTFE, Peek, PTFE Products UK - Dalau.com specialises in the precision machining of plastic components in all engineering plastics to the medical, electronic and aerospace industries.
  • http://www.dalau.com/micro-machining.html Micro Machining for Electronics, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Medical Industries - We are specialists in Micro Machining components for the Electronics, Telecommunications, Aerospace and Medical Industries.
  • http://www.dalau.com/extruded-and-moulded.html Extruded and Moulded, PTFE Rods, PTFE Tubes, Dalau.com - Dalau specialise in offering a wide range of high quality extruded rod that is produced under the dalcon name to ensure a high standard of uniform density levels.
  • http://www.dalau.com/films-and-sheets.html PTFE Films and Sheets - Specialising in producing high quality extruded rod and tube, skived films, PTFE sheets and machined components.
  • http://www.dalau.com/5-axis-machining.html 5-Axis Machining | 5-Sided and Simultaneous Machining - We have invested heavily in 5-Axis machines for the production of larger and more complex parts
  • http://www.dalau.com/quality-control.html Quality Control, Statistical Process Control (SPC) System - Our commitment to quality control is paramount and at its heart is our Statistical Process Control (SPC) System.

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  • Alex - Great reference material

    I had to return this product because I changed my mind about taking the GREs, but I was still able to go through it and check out the material. Very well-written and informative and a great point of reference for people about to take their test. Highly recommended

  • Amaya Wake - Poor Design

    I purchased this cooler locally to use as a lunch box. It is the perfect size for what I use it for and was very pleased with the features it has. Unfortunately here I am two months later shopping for a replacement. The strap is just sewn to the fabric on the sides and has no reinforcement. Apparently carrying it between my house and my truck twice per day with a sandwich, chips, an ice pack, and two bottles of water is a bit more than it can handle as one side of the strap has torn a chunk of the fabric completely off and the other side is barely hanging on. From my experience, if you are planning on lugging around a bag of chips you should be good but if you intend to actually put something in it that would typically go in a cooler look elsewhere.

  • Physical Lee - Read.

    This helped double or maybe even tripled my wife's milk production in the beginning, however after this bottle was completed we purchased another and the results seemed to plateau. She had since discontinued this product and there has been no noticeable changes in milk production (going on about a month now).

  • kimk - Great price but painful shoes

    I've been determined to wear these because I spent the money on them in June 2015. However, it's been a year and they never got better - the shoes made my feet hurt SO much. I'm not sure if it's the arch support, the structure of the shoe, width or sizing... there's something off with these shoes. I had to stop during workouts because my feet would ache so badly - the soles of my feet would burn and feel prickly. Will be getting rid if these as soon as possible.

  • Professional Psychic - Five Stars

    Haven't finished it yet but have read some well-written and fascinating essays that still stay in my mind.


    Okay, so after moving into my new house I was hoping beyond all hope that my little pug wouldn't pee on the carpet. Well, here I am five months later and, low and behold, the little stinker strikes! So let me get to the point here. Nature's Miracle does work. However, it works at its best when used in the following manner. When your little pet strikes, take a few paper towels and GENTLY soak up as much of the pee as you can. Repeat this process with many paper towels until you have soaked up as much as you can. DO NOT RUB, DO NOT ADD WATER! Now get yourself a measuring cup, and here is why you buy the gallon sized. Pour between 6-8 ounces of the product over the spot. This is about how much pee comes out of a little dog, so you want to match that. Let the product soak in the spot and dry as long as it needs. Do not simply spray the spot, because, trust me, the pee HAS gone down to the pad, and a little spray will not do the job. Now, after the spot has dried, you may want to apply to spray, just for a little extra treatment. I had a 24 ounce spray bottle that I refilled with the gallon, but it left me with plenty to treat the problem initially the way I had described.