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  • TonyL - Does not work

    I have been using this unit for two months, and I do not see any difference on my face. Actually the loose skin in my neck seems to be a little worse. I used it on my hands too and there is no difference also.

  • Cygnus X-1 - They work extremely well

    I bought the Breathe Right Extra strips and after a few nights I can really tell the difference in how I breathe through my nose when I sleep. They stick all night too without coming off. As a test I took one off after a few hours of sleep and I instantly had problems breathing and couldn't sleep.

  • ht001 - Excellent serum for a smooth and silky feel for your beautiful hair!

    My daughter and I used this product for our hair every single day and we loved it! The serum is very smooth and works great on the hair.

  • Brian Whisenant - Perfect fit.

    A must have in my opinion. Makes keeping the rear of our Grand Cherokee clean a lot easier. Perfect fit.

  • larryb - Don't buy if you aren't an expert at installation!

    There were virtually no instructions for installation. What instruction there was wasn't understandable...unit'S lights are to dim to be any good...

  • R. Huggins - Masterful

    This book is so much more than a fascinating and suspenseful story told via the written word. Mr. Roberts creates a visual image with his prose that is impossible to turn away from. It's the age old story of love and loss, of war and peace, of triumph and tragedy. But this story's characters and their struggles, as well as it's location and time in history make this a really exciting book. It is truly a thrilling read.