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CASE: The Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering - The Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering (CASE) is a private, nonprofit, public-service institution patterned after the National Academy of Sciences.

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  • SmallTownMusicTeacher - Good cheap backup set. breaks easily. But cheap!

    You have to know that for this price, these are a backup or starter set. These are cheap, and will work for small projects, but will not stand up to serious automotive or motorcycle repair. The sockets will split on rusted or high torque bolts. The socket wrench is junk too. That being said, it is still a good price for just the sockets to fill in for small jobs.

  • B Rock - Good reference book

    This book has a lot of information. I am not sure if I completely agree with the organization of the information. A section of how to use this and don't cold call these people would be helpful! But the information (once you figure out how to really use it all), is plentiful and helpful. Take your time reading through this book. And good luck with your writing adventures.

  • Gwendolyn Shearrow - Nice soap but itchy

    The soap smells great, leaves skin very soft but it has left both my husband and I very itchy all over our body. Not sure if others have had this reaction but for some reason we both had an issue and soap doesn't typically irritate our skin.


    I've been ill all my life with asthma, sinusitis and eczema and five months ago quit my job because I was too sick to work. After 10 days on the diet my blood pressure has gone down, I'm losing weight and the 1st reason for reading it, I have lost 95% of my asthma and sinustis symptoms. I know I'm finally getting healthy and with far less money than I use to spend on doctors and perscriptions. I recommend this book to anyone that wants to get healthy again.

  • Justine - Very impressed

    These really are quite amazing. I get muscle spasms that just make me want to go nuts - I feel like I just need a whole hour hard-core deep tissue massage on one knot sometimes. The first time I tried one of these was after carrying some shopping bags had set off just such a spasm. All I was expecting was maybe a mildly distracting sensation, but the pain actually eased off significantly rather quickly, and eventually the spasm just went away. Holy Cow.

  • Nvisioned - Warm Me Up !!

    I think I like it. Certainly helps give a warm and tingling feeling which makes me think it is working. There is a scent to it but I wouldn't say it is a bad one. Not something you can be discreet with. Also doesn't dry fast at all so keep in mind when you choose the location and the clothes you are wearing.