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Vets in Ayrshire - County Vets - County Vets in Ayrshire is a modern veterinary practice providing a full and comprehensive veterinary service to the entire Ayrshire area.

  • http://www.county-vets.co.uk/veterinary-services/ Veterinary services - County Vets provide a very wide and comprehensive range of veterinary services to all animals in the Ayrshire area and beyond.

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  • Justin Gray - Fantastic!

    This was a very informative book which covered the basics of the 2012 predictions and what the Bible has to say about them. Once I started it, I could not put it down.

  • C. Sim - Great look, terrible instructions

    Here's the deal - I give this a 5 star for looks and a 1 star for installation instructions and price (average of 3). The instructions are bad drawings only - you should take a look at a video on you tube before you install - that will save you a lot of time. This looks great and dresses up the Jeep, but at $100, it's really over priced.

  • M. M. Martin - The best things from the past

    Remember this sewing machine? It sat heavily on your mother’s sewing table. It went forward and backward in straight stitch and zig-zag. It would do a button-hole if you were clever and patient. It had no cams or LED screens, but it reliably sewed everything from blue jeans to prom dresses. Well it is back. I have had this one for two months and used it to make heavy canvas tote bags and repair fine silk lingerie. It neither bogged down on the heavy canvas seams, nor gobbled up the delicate silk fabric. Would give it five stars if the work light was brighter or better positioned.

  • sarae878 - Great Product

    I received Simplisafe in the mail. It literally took 30 mins to install and about 15 mins to program. VERY EASY! I would recommend this to anyone who wants a monitoring system that is economical, easy and has great customer service!

  • Mike - Keeps getting better - lots of power and control.

    [Updated March 21, 16. I tried the 30-day trial of Power Director 14 Ultra. MEP is still better.] I'm writing this as a long time user of Magix MEP Plus to help others. (11, 17, MX, MEP 2013, MEP 2015, and now MEP 2016.) Always buy the Plus edition, as it comes with the encoders/decoders and also includes screen capturing, which the base edition does not. [Update: After Christmas, there were a few low star reviews that popped up. I don't work for Magix or anything. I just like fair reviews. So, respectfully, to be fair, most of the low star reviewers' problems with MEP appear to be operator error.]

  • Josh - SimCity Becomes Worst-Rated Product in Amazon History

    This SimCity debacle is now more embarrassing than the Manti Te'o saga that captivated us all; I, for one, can't take my eyes off the train wreck that is this launch. It's still unclear how historically bad this is. Is it Diablo III bad? Is it Spore (another EA disaster) bad? If Amazon reviews are any indication, SimCity in just its 4th day on the market has exceeded both previous disasters in 1-star reviews to become one of Amazon's lowest-rated products in history. Even the few 5-star reviews that exist are meant sarcastically to amuse and entertain.

  • jenn - perfect for my needs (I'm not a runner!)

    Prologue: For the last two years, I've only worn Vibrams. Every day. Rain, snow, summer, whatever. Before I wore the vibrams, I was spraining my ankles every couple of months. Now, no sprains in over two years, despite the fact that my ligaments are still too loose and pop out of their groove every so often.