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Software y Revistas para la Construcción - Construdata.com - Software, revistas e información especializada para construcción, arquitectura e ingeniería.

  • http://www.construdata.com/Bc/Revista_Construdata/Articulos/descripcion_detallada_de_productos_construdata.asp descripcion detallada de productos construdata - Construdata.com - www.construdata.com es el sitio de Legis S.A. y creadora de una línea de software y publicaciones especializadas, diseñado para el sector de la construcción y sus profesionales, que tiene como objetivo entregarle información destacada del medio.

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  • karen denner - I was very disappointed. They give you 'guidelines' that you should meet ...

    I'm sure this product works well for some people, but as much as I wanted it to, it did not work for me. I bought this in hopes that it would give me some freedom back after I broke my foot, but after the frustration of putting it together, only to find out that it would not fit my leg, I was very disappointed. They give you 'guidelines' that you should meet in order to be able to use this. I met all of the 'guidelines' with no problem, but my legs are a little large at the top, & the straps would not comfortably fit & therefore it was not secure. Luckily I bought this through Amazon Prime, So returning it was no issue.

  • matthew j. phillips - Tried others and came crawling back! Price is worth it!

    Don't let the price scare you off from this amazing product! We've been using Triple Paste for two years straight, every night and once or twice during the day for our daughter and she has rarely encountered a rash!! It's a great protectant, very thick and soothing with no smell!!

  • James M. Stockard - Works great at first but after a month of use it sticks.

    Had it for about a month. Loved it at first. Followed directions to every detail. Always maintnined low to medium heat. Cleaned up easily without scrubbing. Worked as advertised..

  • Jennifer Feinerman - Horrible Terrible Product

    I am a bookkeeper and use Quickbooks everyday. While I thought that the QB 2013 for Windows was poorly designed, I am stunned by the inadequacies of the Quickbooks for Mac. Columns are not customizable so to make account names unreadable, reconciling is made incredibly tedious because you can't sort your data columns. chart of accounts is impossible to sort, credits disappear on bill payment stubs making them untraceable and nonexistent to your vendors. The pay bills window sorts the bills by date of entry. Who in the world pays bills according to the date they were entered? I have urged any of my clients using QB for Mac to buy a PC or move to Peachtree. This product is a failure unless you are using it to track your earnings from babysitting once a year.

  • Marie - Good product! I have had this cream for a ...

    Good product! I have had this cream for a few weeks now, the thing I wasn't expecting is that my butt looks smoother. My butt looks rounder at the bottom however I will update again once I am done with my jar

  • Kristi Lyons - Wonderful for cleaning face!!

    I love this product. Great for bedtime clean off skin. You put in on initially without water then clean it off (don't know where that other person read that you don't use it as a rinse).