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  • moons - Wait for price drop

    I purchased this TV from best buy because it was on sale. As the previous person mentioned the TV is very easy to set up. Although that's really the only great thing about. Although it is marked as having an effective refresh rate of 240, I feel it's important to know it actually has a native refresh rate of 60 hz which to someone who is sensitive to motion blur makes a huge difference, especially on the larger screened tv's. The picture was OK but not the UHD I had come to expect. I tried many different 4K sources and nothing blew me out of the water. Sound was good and I liked the interface. I did return TV and bought the older 810c with native 120hz huge difference for less money. Very happy with the 810c. Which also has google TV and had been updated to support HDR so the picture in my opinion is way better than the 700d. Plus 810c is full array.

  • Chris Franklin - Quick install

    I just switch from the windows environment over to the Mac ecosystem. I have read where Office for Mac has trouble in certain areas. NO such thing. I haven't had any freeze ups or bad experiences. I would recommend Office for Mac to anyone switching over from Windows to Mac. One more thing, it is compatible with windows versions if you were wondering.

  • KeepTheFaith - Not quite a miracle cure-all, but works pretty well!

    Was very surprised by how well this works. I expected some relief from the chronic tendonitis & arthritis that I have, but it's worked on almost all my pain. It's gotten to the point that the only time I even take any pain relievers is if I have a migraine or am going to be on my feet more than normal (which will cause a sciatica flare-up) when I used to take 1200-1600 mg of ibuprofen daily.

  • Nyla - A Noticeable Difference

    I am extremely pleased with the results of using these facial pads. I've been using them for over six months and have noticed a big difference in my skin. The skin under and around my eyes looks much firmer which makes me look younger. I had some patches on the sides of my face that appeared to be clusters of freckles but I know it was damage from spending too much time in the sun. I have seen a distinct difference in this discoloration which makes me happy. I use 1/2 of a pad each morning after I use toner, and once the tingling from the pad has stopped I apply moisturizers and makeup. I will definitely continue using this product.