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Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - A non-government organisation representing professional pharmaceutical societies from over 40 Commonwealth countries.

  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/ About The CPA | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - CPA Objectives The purposes of the Association are to promote and disseminate the pharmaceutical sciences throughout the Commonwealth and to improve the
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/our-objectives/ Our Objectives | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - The purposes of the Association are to promote and disseminate the pharmaceutical sciences throughout the Commonwealth and to improve the quality and range of
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/cpa-executive/ CPA Executive | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - CPA is managed by an Executive that meets every two years, before and after the Conference, and comprises of one member from each of six regions, elected
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/projects/ Projects | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - CPA is a pan-Commonwealth non-government organisation which, by its structure and focus, is able to harness the commitment and collaboration of people with
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/projects/pharmaid/ Pharmaid | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - PharmAid is the annual re-distribution of recently outdated copies of the British National Formulary to pharmacists, doctors and other allied health
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/projects/tb-fact-card/ TB Fact Card | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - This collaborative project between CPA, the Indian Pharmaceutical Association and the International Pharmaceutical Students Federation, is being undertaken in
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/projects/malaria-education/ Malaria Education | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - This is a collaborative project involving CPA, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). It is a consumer
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/projects/distance-learning/ Distance Learning | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - The Management of Pharmaceutical Supply CPA's course "The Management of Pharmaceutical Supply" is a distance learning program for all pharmacist and non
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/health-awareness-days/ Health Awareness Days | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - Since 2003 CPA has produced advocacy materials for campaigns to mark International Awareness Days. Each event is designed as a stand-alone campaign focusing on
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/symposiums/ Symposiums | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - Symposiums The interactive symposiums through audience participation, highlight the need for on-going awareness of issues and how pharmacists and national
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/membership-charter/ CPA Membership Charter | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - Purpose The purpose of this Membership Charter to set out the principles governing membership of the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association (CPA), the nature of
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/member-organisations/ Member Organisations | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - CPA Member Organisations Use the links below to find out more about our Member Organisations. If you represent one of these organisations, we offer the
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/cpa-history/ CPA History | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - A Brief History At a meeting of the Commonwealth Heads of Government in 1965 a decision was taken to encourage greater development of the professions and
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/cpa-conference/ CPA Conference | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - The CPA Conference held bi-annually acts as: a forum for the discussion and dissemination throughout the Commonwealth of information relating to the
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/join-the-cpa/ Join The CPA | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - Who We Are The Commonwealth Pharmacists Association is an organisation of Commonwealth professional pharmaceutical bodies and individual members, dedicated to

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