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Codeine Abuse Information - Codeine.com provides a community resource guide and toll free helpline for those looking for information about codeine, codeine addiction and treatment.

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  • http://www.codeine.com/pharmacology.html Codeine Pharmacology - The pharmacology of codeine including the half-life and the length of time that it takes for codeine to metabolize in the system are important facts for those who take the drug.
  • http://www.codeine.com/addiction.html Codeine Addiction - Details about codeine addiction including how to recognize the signs of codeine use, codeine addiction symptoms and what to expect during withdrawal.
  • http://www.codeine.com/treatment.html Codeine Treatment - Find details about codeine treatment including the many uses of codeine in the medical field and options for treatment of codeine addiction.
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  • http://www.codeine.com/effects/effects-of-codeine-and-alcohol.html Effects of Codeine and Alcohol - The effects of codeine and alcohol can be a deadly combination that leads to overdose complications and potentially more serious side effects.
  • http://www.codeine.com/treatment/codeine-addiction-treatment.html Codeine Addiction Treatment - Find codeine addiction treatment by calling our helpline toll free at 1-800-895-1695 to talk with a caring counselor who can help.

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  • Rob_B - Total Junk!

    Cheap plastic, slides all over your vehicle, flimsy, weak plastic. The $20 general cargo mat I bought at Sam's Club is 1000 times better than this garbage. Comes rolled up and because it's cheap plastic, not soft rubber, it holds its rolled up shape. Do not buy this!!! You'll Thanl me later.

  • Cat Lover - but it was really annoying to have to do that

    I received this today and was excited to finally be able to catalog my quarters. Not a single quarter actually fit. I had to use a hammer to hammer the quarters into place. They're in there now and won't be coming out anytime soon, but it was really annoying to have to do that. Maybe I just got a bad one, but based on my experience, I wouldn't really recommend it.

  • William Edwards - Installed in Portuguese!!!!!

    It installed in Portuguese & I can NOT get a hold of anyone at Microsoft. Obviously I don't speak Portuguese.

  • Stacey Cuevas - Good on flushing

    My husband and I moved into our first home. Our first day I decided to clorox everything down. I opened a kitchen drawer & 10-15 roaches scattered all over the place! I've never lived in a home with roaches so little did I know those 10-15 roaches were the least of my problems. It was into our 3rd day in the house when I realized this house was INFESTED! They were EVERYWHERE. My husband told me Bengal was something his mother used when he was a kid. I was so excited to try it, I was beyond ready to get rid of these horrible things. After reading many great reviews, I couldn't wait to try this product! Sadly, I didn't get what I expected. I didn't wake up to 20 dead roaches & their population didn't seem to decrease. What I can say positive though is that the product does flush them out. 20 minutes after going through 3 cans,Yes 3!!! Roaches were crawling everywhere coming out left & right. But they did not die. They just came out & we swatted away. It's my 3rd week into the house & there is now a roach decrease but I can't give full credit to Bengal because I've also tried a few other things to get rid of them. But I do know after using Bengal for 2 weeks, I didn't notice much decrease, just that it does flush them out from their hiding places.

  • Sheila Portella - I have been taking this product for 3 months and it is the best! I have been struggling with acid reflux, IB and more recently

    I have been taking this product for 3 months and it is wonderful! I have struggled all my life with Acid Reflux, IBS, and over the last 2 years H-Pylori as well as stomach ulcers. I have been able to go off all my prescription medication and my stomach is healed, the acid reflux and IBS is gone, no signs of H-Pylori or stomach ulcers. I highly recommend this product, it's amazing.

  • Steven Sevy - Disappointed that they started making these outside the USA and ...

    Disappointed that they started making these outside the USA and the diameter size changed. I wrote to K&N and they did not respond except for an automated response. I will go with a Royal Purple oil filter next time around.