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Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) - Long Beach, CA - We are proud of our 30 years of service to our community where our mission has always been to provide the highest quality comprehensive care for all aspects of neurosurgical disease.

  • http://www.cna-ca.com/services/ Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) CNA Services - Long Beach, CA - Coast Neurological Associates offers a number of cranial, spinal and pediatric services. For more information regarding a condition or treatment not on this list, please call our office at (562) 595.7696.
  • http://www.cna-ca.com/services/cranial/ Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) CNA Cranial Services - Coast Neurosurgical Associates offers a number of cranial treatments for cranial conditions.
  • http://www.cna-ca.com/services/spine/ Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) CNA Spine Services - Coast Neurosurgical Associates offers a number of spinal treatments for spinal conditions.
  • http://www.cna-ca.com/services/pediatrics/ Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) CNA Pediatric Services - Long Beach, CA - Coast Neurosurgical Associates offers a number of treatments for pediatric neurological conditions.
  • http://www.cna-ca.com/our-doctors/ Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) CNA Neurosugeons - Long Beach, CA - Meet Coast Neurosurgical Associates Board Certified Neurosurgeons in Long Beach, California.
  • http://www.cna-ca.com/cna-doctors/abraham-rayhaun-md-facs/ Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) Abraham Rayhaun, MD - Neurosurgeon - Priding himself in being at the cutting edge of neurosurgery, Dr. Abraham Rayhaun is a board certified neurosurgeon at Coast Neurosurgical Associates in Long Beach, California.
  • http://www.cna-ca.com/cna-doctors/hooshang-pak-md-facs/ Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) Hooshang Pak, MD - Neurosurgeon - Hooshang Pak, MD is a board certified neurosurgeon at Coast Neurosurgical Associates in Long Beach, California.
  • http://www.cna-ca.com/cna-doctors/ivar-szper-ms-md-facs/ Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) Ivar Szper, MS, MD - Neurosurgeon - Ivar Szper, MS, MD is a board certified neurosurgeon at Coast Neurosurgical Associates in Long Beach, California.
  • http://www.cna-ca.com/cna-doctors/ramin-j-javahery-md-faans/ Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) Ramin J. Javahery, MD - Neurosurgeon - Ramin J. Javahery, MD is a board certified neurosurgeon at Coast Neurosurgical Associates in Long Beach, California.
  • http://www.cna-ca.com/cna-doctors/judith-wong-md-mph/ Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) Judith Wong, MD - Neurosurgeon - Dr. Judith Wong is a board certified neurosurgeon at Coast Neurosurgical Associates in Long Beach, California.
  • http://www.cna-ca.com/patient-support/ Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) Patient Support - CNA - Get information about what you need for your visit, answers to the most frequently asked questions, and additional patient education videos.
  • http://www.cna-ca.com/patient-support/prior-visit/ Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) Prior to Your Visit - CNA - Please be sure to bring your completed patient forms and insurance card to your visit. View what other information you may need to be prepared for your visit.
  • http://www.cna-ca.com/patient-support/patient-forms/ Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) Patient Forms - CNA - For your convenience, we have made available your patient forms to download, fill out, and print prior to your visit.
  • http://www.cna-ca.com/education-videos/ Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) Education Videos - CNA - Did you know that neurosurgery treats conditions of the brain and spine? Watch our library of patient education videos to learn more.
  • http://www.cna-ca.com/patient-support/faq/ Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) Frequently Asked Questions - CNA - If you have questions about CNA, a condition or a procedure, look through our frequently asked question section.
  • http://www.cna-ca.com/contact-cna/ Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) Contact CNA - Long Beach, CA - If you are experiencing neurological pain, contact Coast Neurosurgical Associates in Long Beach, CA today! (562) 595.7696
  • http://www.cna-ca.com/cranial-services/facial-pain-syndromes/ Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) Facial Pain Syndromes - CNA Cranial Services - Trigeminal neuralgia is a chronic pain condition that affects the trigeminal nerve, causing facial pain.
  • http://www.cna-ca.com/patient-support/eliminate-pain-restore-function/ Coast Neurosurgical Associates (CNA) Eliminate pain, restore function - CNA Neurosurgery Blog - Our physicians talk about the advances in minimally invasive surgery and technology and how it affects you.
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