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CME Medical - Listen > Develop > Deliver - CME Medical is a leading innovator in medical technology. Specialising in syringe drivers, including ambulatory & fully portable; volumetric pumps, and more

  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/my-account/ My Account | CME Medical - CME Medical develop specialist medical infusion devices and support that improve patient care in hospital, in the community and at home.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/healthcare-area/nutrition/ Nutritional IV Infusion Pumps | Intravenous Nutrient Infusion Therapy - CME Medical nutritional infusion pumps are compact, lightweight and reliable. TPN and general infusion pumps are suitable for inpatient and homecare use.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/healthcare-area/pain/ Pain Management Infusion Devices | Pain Management Pumps - CME Medical’s infusion devices are designed to meet the needs of patients suffering post-surgery pain as well as those need pain medication regionally.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/healthcare-area/palliative/ Palliative Care | Infusion Pumps | IV Infusion | Pain Management Pumps - CME Medical’s specialist pumps have been designed to be suitable for administering pain relief as well as to hydrate patients and provide nutrition.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/healthcare-area/specialist-care/ Specialist Care Infusion Devices | Pain Management Pumps - Patient safety is at the core of everything that we do and we are currently developing new solutions that will revolutionise care across many disciplines.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/product-category/bodyguard-series/ Bodyguard Ambulatory Infusion Pumps | CME Medical - Bodyguard ambulatory infusion pumps are compact, lightweight and reliable. TPN and general infusion pumps are suitable for inpatient and homecare use.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/product-category/t-series/ T-Series Ambulatory Syringe Pumps | CME Medical - T-Series ambulatory syringe pumps are designed to maximise safe and simple administration of medication, in both inpatient and outpatient environments.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/product/myfuser-elastomeric/ Myfuser Elastomeric 100ml 0.5ml/l Bolus Only | CME Medical - Myfuser is a highly accurate, safety enhanced silicone elastomeric / disposable pump for use in hospital or homecare environments.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/training/ Infusion Device Training | Syringe Pump Training | CME Medical - CME Medical provides both in depth and refresher training for the clinicians and engineers who's job it is to use infusion devices.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/training/clinical-training/ Skills for Health Quality Mark Clinical Training - To ensure CME Medical products are safe and easy to use for both patients and clinicians, we offer device user clinical training.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/training/clinical-training/clinical-elearning/ Clinical E-learning for Infusion Drivers - Device user clinical eLearning is a high quality, cost effective way to meet the training needs of qualified healthcare professionals.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/training/clinical-training/classroom-training/ Clinical Classroom Training for Ambulatory Syringe Drivers - CME Medical’s clinical support specialists provide bespoke, efficient and effective training programmes that are accredited by the Royal College of Nursing.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/training/technical-training/ CME Medical Technical Training | Technical Medical Product Training - We offer product-specific training courses that provide engineers with the necessary skills to service CME Medical products to the required standards.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/support/ Support | Clinical Support | Technical Support | Customer Support - At CME Medical, we have teams of clinical specialists, qualified engineers and a dedicated customer support team, who are always happy to help.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/support/clinical-support/ Clinical Support Network - Access National Clinical Support - At CME Medical, our team of clinical specialists are located throughout the UK supporting care givers when they need clinical expertise.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/support/technical-support/ Technical Support | CME Medical Ambulatory Pumps - We have a team of qualified engineers who can be accessed to provide technical support to CME Medical customers on any of our pumps.
  • http://www.cmemedical.co.uk/support/customer-support/ Customer Support - Do you have a question? - Our dedicated Customer Support team is available to answer your query, should you be a patient, clinician or engineer. We are always happy to help.

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  • John Stanton - Not as Pictured! Unsealed Bottles

    The product arrives in generic shipping envelope without the manufacturer's box or instructions, in UNSEALED bottles that look nothing like the ones pictured on this page. You simply screw off the cap, and there is your product, without any seal. There is no way to verify the authenticity of this product.

  • Jacob - Works as expected!

    Certainly seems to help with next day headaches. I put this to the test by taking a few before and after my best friend's wedding. I drank at least a fifth which is much more than I usually drink and while I didn't feel great the next day I did not have the usual headache I get from drinking scotch.

  • Ebayee -- Barrio2000 - Reading in it's amazing best

    This is a superbly written account of an Antarctic expedition led by Sir Ernest Shakleton on a ship named Endurance. It is trapped by ice and eventually crushed by it. In order to survive, the crew look toward it's leader for answers and the only chance at rescue is to make it to a whaling station that is more than 1500 miles away. Everything is frozen, the weather is the worst on earth and thats just the begining. It's all here, the amazing spirit that some humans show when pushed to the brink of death, starvation, freezing, thirst, tiredness to the deepest parts of one's existence, humor, friendship, respect, leadership, etc. How it must have been for these men to survive such a harrowing experience is beyond belief. If not because it was so well documented by the individual crew members who kept journals, indeed no one would beleive it. To have survived so many months floating on a moving, cracking, shifting, crushing ice floe only to have to undertake an 800 mile sea voyage in a 22 foot lifeboat in the most brutal ocean in the world where winds rarely fall below huricane force, find and land on a hellish coast of a small island easily missed. Then on foot and starving have to coss it on ground so treacherous that no one had crossed it before, or would dare again for another 50 yrs. A brutal reading that will leave you exhausted. Pass it on and share with your friends and family.

  • Bruce Willis - who has feet that feel like the back of a crocodile

    I bought this thing for my wife, who has feet that feel like the back of a crocodile. She asked me if I could sand her feet down smooth. Holy cow! I needed a dust mask from all the dead skin blowing around. You can either use a belt sander or get one of these. Works great!!

  • Abby - Mixed feelings on these!

    I'm having a hard time reviewing this item because the quality of the item is inconsistent. The first time I ordered these, I loved them. They work great for removing the vellus hairs on my face and my skin feels so smooth and heavenly after I use them. The 2nd time I ordered them however, the plastic edges near the blades were ragged and would scratch my face because they stuck out where the razor needs to be against your face. It was a very unpleasant experience and all 3 in the package had the same defect. I have not reordered them since because I am afraid it will happen again. I may decide to give them another shot in the future just because I liked them so much the first time and my electronic facail shaver doesn't shave nearly as close to give me that heavenly soft skin on my face. I will update to 5 stars if I order again and the razors are not defected.

  • Michael froland - hgh book is one way !

    The secretagogues is useless.. dont waist your money on buying amino acids !! The secretagogues is a hype ! and a scam ! this books says nothing about the side affects of ghg injection ....like lukimia cancer so many bodybuilders get from injecting hgh !

  • L. Berkower - Makes You Think

    This book is an eye opener regarding out of whack eating habits and addictions to sugar and carbs. It's difficult to make the changes suggested but worth it. I have made some, not all the changes. The information is great to have and has increased my level of awareness when shopping and eating out. The food combining part is one I've known about for a long time and have reincorporated back into my diet plan. If you are looking for a healthier lifestyle and willing to make changes, this book will help you do so.