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Irbesartan|Ribavirin|Doramectin|Clarithromycin|Vitamin E|Sitagliptin-Chuming Pharmaceutical Ltd. - Chuming found in 1999, lies in seaside city Zhuhai, closes to Hongkong and Macau. We are one of the good & professional supplier of various active pharmaceutical ingredients & medicine with high – tech and high-value in the world. Also we are marketing veterinary products.

Country:, Asia, CN

City: 120.1614 Zhejiang, China

  • Ruwaifa Anwar - Company is legit

    After watching a few product videos on Youtube and finding out if their company was legitimate with their website, I finally settled on getting mothermade's pearl mask. Funny how their website's checkout page leads straight to Amazon. The mask is great by the way.

  • Jay H. Colborn - No jazzy taste like the various mouthwashes

    This is different from what one would expect. No jazzy taste like the various mouthwashes, but seems to do the job well. We are sold on biotene products.

  • Bassam - solved rough idle problem

    I had a rough idle issue (significant engine hesitation) with my 2001 Acura TL. The check engine light came on and the code says "multiple cylinder miss fire". There was also couple other codes. I inspected the spark plugs and cables and all worked fine. Cleaned my EGR ports but they looked reasonable too. I also did throttle valve cleaning. Nothing worked so the last resort was to try Seafoam. It solved the problem and I am very pleased.

  • SeaGoddess3240 - The Best for Pain, Back Again!

    I am so glad that Tylenol Arthritis is back! I have allergies that prevent me from taking anything but Acetaminophen. Tylenol is the only product that really takes care of my pain, but the Arthritis care line has always worked THE BEST. It takes away aches and pains of a chronic pain condition, and knocks out my headaches quickly.