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  • netkat - I only need bags when I travel.

    I wake up every morning it seems with bags under my eyes. I have tried many different products over the years whether expensive or inexpensive and they never work. This product works wonders - I do my normal facial regime and put this on after my moisturizer. This product also seems to be moisturizing and does not dry out the area under the eyes. Give it some time and it's amazing how the bags disappear! You only need a small amount and this size lasts me 2-3 months.

  • Red Robot - Wish I'd bought this sooner!

    Just bought this after a few rough trips this summer without a highchair. This is definitely an item I will make room for in my suitcase until my daughter is ready to sit on her own at the table. I brought this up to a friend's cabin for a long weekend. It attached easily to the multi-leaf table- I just aimed to have it attach to two of the middle leaves so it would be study and safe. We also carried it to the two restaurants that we visited and had no trouble there either. I would echo that this would be nearly impossible to use on your own- someone has to hold the squirming toddler while you get it set up- but it really is quick as long as you have two hands.

  • Matt - A great guitar which may not be for everyone but if ...

    A great guitar which may not be for everyone but if you are looking for a Les Paul that is true to its namesake's spirit of innovation, consider trying one out. While I understand that many people like guitars as they are and find certain features of Gibson's 2015 line distasteful, not everyone does and that is OK. Music is subjective and we all have our own opinions, same thing with the tools we used to create music. My personal opinion is that this guitar is easy to play and has a rich pleasing tone that appeals to my tastes.

  • Diana Dunaway - I agree with reviewer Mark Herman.....

    I agree with reviewer Mark Herman, no matter which political viewpoint you lean, understanding at least a tiny bit what Putin and Russia want to accomplish with our election....this book opens your eyes at the very least gives you the background on Putin's mindset. At this date in time.....to many things add up...and Putin would say....it takes a lot of work to make a coincidence happen...once KGB, always KGB. Read this book with an open mind, it is no joke!