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Chadds Ford Wellness Center - Age management medicine including BHRT, O-Shot, P-Shot, Vampire Facelift and Breast Lift, Hair Restoration, Scalp and Facial PRP, Botox, and Dermal Fillers

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  • sonni peters - awesome product charges batterys very well I am very impressed ...

    awesome product charges batterys very well I am very impressed with it best solar charger I have purchased and you cant beat the price it is german made and is a very quality part

  • ChicaMonk - Very Effective and Inexpensive!

    I cannot believe how quickly and how effectively these tablets have worked! My husband noticed about 1-2 weeks after I started taking them, how soft my skin was all over. I look younger, and it has been great to combat wrinkles. I also work out a lot and I noticed that my "recovery time" from my workouts has diminished substantially! It's like a magic pill...I will never stop taking these! I'm 45 years old and have tried many products (oral and topical) and have not seen as great a result as I have with these! Thank you NeoCell!

  • Angus - Lock'em Up!

    I have read the other reviews.... I concur that Shannon Anderson is a Douchebag. I am assuming that he just got a new callsign in the VTs... "BULLSEYE"!!!! I love the comment that the author is like a "Virgin writing a book on how to be a pornstar." He put a huge bullseye on his back for any Instructor evaluating him. Whether in the FRS or God help us if he makes it to the Fleet. As a "Real" fighter pilot with over 700 combat hours, I had difficulty saying that I was a "Fighter Pilot" until I was a section lead in the Fleet. That is the point in my career when I would feel comfortable merging with a MIG-29 and knowing what I needed to do to succeed. Much less, write a book about how Shannon "Bullseye" Anderson flew a TACAN approach in the T-45. You have a long, rough road ahead of you son and there are many Fighter Pilot wanna-be SMAs selected for jets who aren't good enough to fly a fighter jet with weapons onboard. Even if you are lucky enough to get winged, you still have to make it through the FRS. I'll call Kingsville, Oceana, Lemoore, or Miramar and put in a wonderful word for you. Wait... You just did that with the piece of crap that you wrote!

  • E. OConnor - Great product

    Super happy with this product. Worked perfectly so I could raise my monitors off my desk. Love it!

  • Animexstudio - Sure smells good, even if it doesn't work. But no mice since.

    I got this after we had a mouse problem. Truth is, I don't know whether it works or not. It's not like I just relied on this, I got traps, and patched up as many holes as I could find. But, it did smell good, and haven't seen any mice since, so hey it might work. Either way it's not super expensive, and most of us when we see a mouse we become homicidal and will do anything to get rid of them. So pick this up, and anything else you can, and just get rid of em' pests.

  • j cobb - The case is AMAZING! I was hesitant to purchase it because I'm ...

    The case is AMAZING! I was hesitant to purchase it because I'm ALWAYS dropping my phone. I thought the open face wouldn't protect my screen from cracks, but it has survived several drops! I get tons of complements when I use it and now I never take a bad selfie! Additionally, the charge last so long! If your doubtful, don't be! You'll love this case!