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  • Marisela - Not good

    It seems to get rid of the odor, but it did not get rid of any of the pee stains we have on the carpet. I tried leaving it soaking for 5 minutes, using a brush, soaking it for 1 hour, but the stain is still there, very yellow and noticeable. I trusted the Amazon reviews when I bought this product, but what a disappointment.

  • Moon Wu - The product packaging it really nicely. The gel is kind of light

    The product packaging it really nicely. The gel is kind of light, feels like water, don't feel it provides any moisture to the skin and have not noticed any improvement after weeks of usage.

  • A. Pappas - Horrible band design makes this light activity tracker sooooo easy to lose!

    My husband and I pre-ordered the moov now. I have been wearing it constantly for about two months. As others have mentioned, the band is just horrible. Not only does the device slip out easily, but the band itself does not stay fastened well. The device has slipped off our our wrists several times but we have been able to find them after spending copious amounts of time searching. Today, though, will be my last time as I lost the moov now (device + wristband) in public.

  • Tartan - Where are the updates?

    i replaced a 2007 disc to update the system. I used it for the first time to go to an airport that had been built more than four years ago. I followed its directions and it sent me to the defunct airport that the new one had replaced. I was not happy. I bought a newer version of the disc, to make sure things like this did not happen. I was not happy. The disc works but I don't know whether it has been updated with newer roads and points of interest.

  • Steve-a-reno - This product is the best I have found for the pain of neuropathy

    This product is the best I have found for the pain of neuropathy. It really decreases the inflammation in my feet and makes the pain tolerable. I would recommend it for anyone who suffers from arthritis or neuropathy.