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CAS Scales NZ - Digital Weighing Scales & Modular Weighbridges - Digital weighing scales, indicators, load cells & weighbridges. Total Weighing Solutions for Retail, Industrial, Laboratory & Healthcare sectors.

  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/about-cas-scales-nz/ About CAS Scales NZ - Auckland Based Wholesale Scale Company - CAS Scales NZ: Wholesale distributor of Scales & Weighing Equipment. Weighing Solutions for Retail, Industrial, Laboratory & Healthcare sectors.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/new-cas-dealers/ CAS Dealership & Resellers - NZ Wholesale Weighing Scales - Wholesale CAS weighing scales for NZ Retail/POS or Industrial Solution Providers. Interested in becoming a Dealer / Reseller? New dealers are welcomed.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/weighbridge-systems/ Considering Weighbridge Systems - CAS Scales Auckland NZ - Learn about different types of Weighbridge Installs. CAS Supplies Modular Weighbridges. Also Weighbridge Load cells, Indicators & Remote Displays.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/faqs-choosing-a-digital-scale/ Choosing a Digital Scale - CAS Scales NZ - Before buying a Digital Scale? 8 Things to consider before looking for a digital scale! Know what you should be looking for in a digital scale.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/digital-weighing-scales/ Digital Weighing Scales - CAS Scales NZ - General & Multi-purpose Weighing Scales designed to assist day-to-day operation, either in a kitchen, retail or hardware shop and are reliable and easy to use.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/digital-weighing-scales/basic-counting-function/ Basic Counting Scales - CAS Scales NZ - Digital weighing scales that also provide a basic parts counting function. Cost effective solution for basic inventory control. Easy to use basic counting scales.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/digital-weighing-scales/portion-control-application/ Digital Portion Control Scales - CAS Scales NZ - Digital weighing scales for portion control. Kitchen Scales. Providing exact portioning & precise ingredient weighing. Mixing paint, gels & creams. Some models include Percentage Weighing Mode
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/digital-weighing-scales/parcel-weighing-scales/ Digital Parcel Scales - CAS Scales NZ - Digital weighing scales recommended for parcel weighing. Ideal for post office or couriers. Parcel scales with larger platform for small to medium parcel weighing.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/digital-weighing-scales/weight-sampling-scales/ Digital Scales for Weight Sampling - CAS Scales NZ - Digital weighing scales recommended for individual weight sampling applications. Accurate, small & portable, ideal for fruit growers who need individual weight samples for various items.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/digital-weighing-scales/gold-jewellery-gem-scales/ Gold, Jewellery & Gem Weighing Scales - CAS Scales NZ - Digital weighing scales recommended for gold, jewellery & gem weighing. Provide high accuracy while weighing low weight items & are able to select various units of weight such as caret.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/digital-weighing-scales/basic-check-weigh-function/ Basic Check Weigh Scales - CAS Scales NZ - Digital weighing scales that also include a basic check weigh function. Able to set 'High' & 'Low' limits for basic quality control. Most models will display the HI/OK/LO indicator along with alarm beeps.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/digital-weighing-scales/external-communication-feature/ Digital Weighing Scales with external communication - CAS Scales NZ - Digital weighing scales that come equipped with RS-232C serial interface port for external communication with devises such as PC or Printers. Record or print weight along with other various data.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/medical-healthcare-scales/ Medical & Healthcare Scales - Supplier of digital medical scales for doctors office, hospital, health care, fitness club or gym. Heavy-duty Bariatric Scales. Personal Bathroom Scales.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/medical-healthcare-scales/baby-weighing-scales/ Baby Scales - CAS Scales NZ - Digital Baby Scales for Midwives, Doctors & Hospitals. Choose from bench top Baby Scales, Hanging-type Baby Scales or advanced Neonatal & Pediatric Baby Scales
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/wet-area-food-scales/ Wet Area & Washdown Food Scales - CAS Scales NZ - Food Scales used in Food industry. Waterproof Wet Area & Washdown Food Scales. Dustproof, water resistant or slashproof. Ideal for humid conditions. Often used for checkweighing.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/retail-price-computing-scales/ Retail & Price Computing Scales - CAS Scales NZ - Trade Verified Pricing & Label Printing Scales for Retail. POS Point of Sale Scales. ECR Electronic Cash Register Scales. PLU keys. Retail scales for direct selling of goods to the public.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/retail-price-computing-scales/price-computing-application/ Trade Approved Retail Pricing Scales - CAS Scales NZ - Digital Retail Scales recommended for Price Computing applications. Models are Trade Approved. These Retail Scales will display Weight, Unit Price & Total Price and are often used for printing labels.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/retail-price-computing-scales/label-printing-application/ Retail Label Printing Scales - CAS Scales NZ - Trade Approved Digital Retail Scales for Label Printing applications. Pricing Scales that can print barcodes. Built-in thermal printer or connect to an external printer via a RS-232C interface.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/retail-price-computing-scales/pos-or-ecr-interfacing-application/ Point of Sale (POS) & Electronic Cash Register (ECR) Scales - CAS Scales NZ - Digital retail scales recommended for Point of Sale (POS) or Electronic Cash Register (ECR) interfacing applications. Trade Approved. Mainly use as checkout scales for supermarket or retail shops.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/retail-price-computing-scales/plu-memory-feature/ Retail Scales with PLU Memory - CAS Scales NZ - Digital Retail Scales equipped with PLU (Price Look Up) memory feature. Trade Scales - Trade Approved. Able to store & quickly recall individual items' preset price.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/retail-price-computing-scales/sales-plu-reporting-feature/ Retail Scales with Sales & PLU Reporting - CAS Scales NZ - Trade Approved digital retail scales that offer Sales & PLU reporting features. Daily Total Sales, PLU Report, Group Report, Dept Sales Report, Hourly Sales Report $ Clerk Sales Report.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/retail-price-computing-scales/ethernet-networking-feature/ Networked Retail Scales - Point of Sale & Label Printing- CAS Scales NZ - Networked Retail Scales. Digital Point of Sale & Label Printing Scales. These models are legal for trade use and feature TCP/IP communication (Ethernet). Some models can also be used with a wireless network.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/retail-price-computing-scales/pre-packaging-applicatiion/ Retail Pre-Packaging Scales - CAS Scales NZ - Digital retail scales recommended for pre-packaging applications. These models are Trade Approved and come in a range of capacities and sizes.
  • http://www.casscale.co.nz/product-category/retail-price-computing-scales/supermarket-weigh-station-application/ Supermarket Weigh-Station Scales - CAS Scales NZ - Digital retail scales recommended for supermarket weigh-stations applications. Weigh-stations scales are used by customers for a quick check of the items weight before choosing to purchase.

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  • Randy Holmun - Not what I hoped for.

    Coming from a decade of Photoshop use, this wasn't at all what I hoped for. General interface is clumsy and complicated, layers make no sense, and brushes are impossible for me to comprehend. May be for other folks, but not for me.

  • Suzy Parker - Guilt-free shopping!!

    Fun shopping at super reasonable prices!! Just make sure you read the description of your item before making your purchase so you are sure of what you are buying. So far, I have been very happy with all of my purchases! Things take a little longer to arrive, but, trust me, it's worth the wait!!

  • David B. Jennings - Costs less but . . .

    I've been a Turbo Tax user for some years. It served me well, but I thought I would try the competition. After all, H&R Block is a big name, and it costs less. Early on, the program told me that my adult live-at-home son wouldn't qualify as a dependent. Huh? I checked my entries, new earnings threshold and could find no reason. I re-entered the data. Same thing. So I looked it up on the IRS website (which can be very helpful and is easy to use). IRS says he is dependent. What to do? Maybe an email to H&R Block. Oh, that will be $20. Maybe an online chat? Oh, that will be $20. Later, I updated the software (I had done this before). The problem went away. I now feel uncomfortable using it, and feel like H&R Block will try to nickle-dime me to make up for the lower purchase price? I'm not a happy camper.

  • Peggy Mooney - Going Anywhere with a Rick Steve's Guide is a must!

    I am a travel agent and always have to research the counties I take clients to and I use Rick's book for that. I feel I can always trust what he suggests in hotels and restaurants.

  • Amazon Customer - Looking forward to more from Jennifer Foehner Wells.

    This is the first book I have read by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The character development was excellent. The plot was contained yet allows for the development of an extensive story arc. I am looking forward to a sequel and more to the story.

  • chuckie - Black seed is highly recommended by me

    Blood pressure went down, weight down , mood better, taste could be better, but results out weight the taste. Thank You

  • BamaGirl24 - Very nice

    I love it it is wayyyyyy cheaper than the prove in GNC and I feel no more bloating as well as no more cramping and fatigue feeling. Feel light as a feather instead of always feeling weighed down. Haven't really lost any weight as of now. But I haven't been exercising or eating right either so. :/