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Baton Rouge Dermatologist | Calais - Calais Dermatology Associates in Baton Rouge provides unrivaled cosmetic and medical skin care services to patients of all ages.

  • http://www.calaisdermatology.com/our-practice About Calais Dermatology Associates | Baton Rouge, LA - Calais Dermatology Associates provides each patient with effective medical and surgical dermatologic procedures Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  • http://www.calaisdermatology.com/john-brantley John B. Brantley, M.D. | Calais Dermatology in Baton Rouge, LA - Dr. Brantley has decades of experience bringing fresh new life to Baton Rouge skin. Contact Calais Dermatology Associates today for an appointment.
  • http://www.calaisdermatology.com/christopher-mcewen Christopher J. McEwen, M.D. | Calais Dermatology in Baton Rouge - A Baton Rouge native, Dr. McEwen specializes in dermatologic surgery as well as treating severe psoriasis at Calais Dermatology Associates.
  • http://www.calaisdermatology.com/connor-patterson Connor A. Patterson, M.D. | Calais Dermatology in Baton Rouge - Dr. Patterson of Calais Dermatology in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, concentrates on primary medical dermatology, such as allergies, skin care and acne.
  • http://www.calaisdermatology.com/our-dermatology-technology Calais Dermatology Associates | Our Technology | Baton Rouge, LA - Calais Dermatology Associates uses the most advanced methods and technologies when it comes to combatting the damages of skin disease.
  • http://www.calaisdermatology.com/cosmetic-dermatology Dermatology Associates | Calais in Baton Rouge, LA - Cosmetic dermatology is a specialty addressing issues of skin rejuvenation, treating wrinkles, volume loss, hyperpigmentation, unsightly veins and hair.
  • http://www.calaisdermatology.com/general-dermatology General Dermatology | Calais in Baton Rouge, LA - Calais Dermatology in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, effectively treats many different types of skin diseases using proven non-invasive and surgical methods.
  • http://www.calaisdermatology.com/skin-care-products Skin Care Solutions | Calais Dermatology | Baton Rouge, LA - Calais Dermatology uses a wide variety of skin care products ¬that are proven to be safe and effective.
  • http://www.calaisdermatology.com/new-patient-form New Patient Document | Calais Dermatology | Baton Rouge, LA - Calais Dermatology in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is accepting new patients. Set up your appointment with one of our professional dermatologists today.
  • http://www.calaisdermatology.com/new-patient-form-for-minors New Patient Form for Minors | Calais | Baton Rouge, LA - Calais Dermatology Associates provides the community of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with superior dermatological services for both adults and minors.
  • http://www.calaisdermatology.com/patient-update-form Patient Update Document | Calais Dermatology | Baton Rouge, LA - Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Calais Dermatology Associates is very keen on keeping up-to-date with our patients to guarantee the best-possible experience.
  • http://www.calaisdermatology.com/medical-patient-portal Medical Patients | Calais Dermatology | Baton Rouge, LA - Calais Dermatology provides you with quality, state-of-the-art treatment for skin care and skin conditions in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  • http://www.calaisdermatology.com/financial-patient-login Financial Patients | Calais in Baton Rouge, LA - Calais Dermatological Associates’ treatment and cosmetic procedures are performed in a pleasant, efficient and friendly atmosphere.
  • http://www.calaisdermatology.com/dermatology-online-resources Online Resources | Calais in Baton Rouge, LA - View our online resources to learn more about certain skin procedures, products, conditions and other information about skin care.
  • http://www.calaisdermatology.com/insurance-records Calais Dermatology | Insurance Resources | Baton Rouge, LA - At Calais Dermatology, our practice is contracted as a provider for many major health insurance carriers. Find out if you’re covered at our clinic.
  • http://www.calaisdermatology.com/baby-debut-blog Calais Dermatology Associates in Baton Rouge, LA | Blog - With monthly blog posts from Calais Dermatology Associates, you can learn more about your skin and how you can take better care of it.
  • http://www.calaisdermatology.com/the-benefits-of-laser-skin-therapy-2 The Benefits of Laser Skin Therapy | Calais - Calais Dermatology Associates in Baton Rouge provides informative material on laser skin therapy and its benefits.

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  • Lynn B. - The whole Family loves Sleepytime tea.

    Everyone in our family drinks this tea. My teenage daughters drink a cup at night. I always add a bag or two to my ice-tea blend, when I make ice-tea in the summer. A little honey with it is great.

  • sarah moysey - Do not use this!!!!

    Don't take this! Red, blue or black bottles! I took the blue one for two days I felt like I was on anther planet. They have no FDA approval for a reason. Anyone who said this was a good product is insane, you will probably loose weight on it but its not worth you health and wellness. Go to a weight loss clinic or your doc I know how it is to want to lose weight but over the counter is just to dangerous.

  • Ryan & Zach's Mimi - Very Very Accurate Monitor!!!

    To use it, depress the lever at the rear of the unit to open the finger chamber, then insert a finger (nail side up) into the soft silicone opening. The spring system in this unit self adjusts in such a way that it will fit your finger snugly but not so tight as to be uncomfortable and it won't impede blood flow. Once your finger is in the chamber simply push the power button on the face of the unit and wait a between 4 to 6 seconds for the results to be displayed on the screen. The display faces the user and displays battery power level, SpO2 (oxygen) Level on the top, and Heart Rate on the bottom in large red led light against a black background to make it easy to read. I found the display very easy to see and read as well as stable.

  • Big D Sweetz - It's a mouse pad

    I really don't have a lot to say about this. It's a mouse pad. I've not noticed any mystical things about it. It does what it's supposed to.