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  • RonAnnArbor - Excellent resource, but full book is better overall

    This is an excellent workbook resource for those who don't want to spend the time and money to read the full book and do the excercises there (although I would recommend that as a first choice). I did like this slim resource though, and bought multiple copies to use with my patients in a vocational program -- they loved thinking through the exercises, but I needed to explain many portions for them because the guidelines are rather broad at times, and too specific at others. If I hadan't guided several them through the exercises, it would have been worthless. The full book is a far richer and better resource, and gives you much more to think about -- but this is a good workbook approach that summarizes the main exercises in the full book. A hint -- there is one exercise (Very time consuming) that you can skip -- the first exercise asks you to write 5 life stories, then examine them for commonalities in skills -- You don't need the stories to do the ratings at all.

  • jrtalent - Save your money and frustration.

    Did 2 back-ups to Seagate drives. Downloaded the manual to make sure I could do the restore. Tried for hours to restore the backups without success. Went to their web site for help, that is a colossal waste of time. Tried to sign in to contact support, site kept sending me into loops. Save your money. I don't know if you if can get my money back for this crap-ware, so this is my revenge. Oh by the way, they want more money to use their cloud.

  • Hannah - Absolutely horrible service!

    I would not suggest buying from this company, if you want an airbrush makeup machine find it somewhere else. You'll get stuck paying extra fees that cannot be refunded, and even if you try calling customer service they will tell you it's out of their hands. By any means save yourself from the trouble and hassle it takes to get anything done with Luminess Air company.

  • L. M. Herron - Don't rinse the top of the shaver where the 3 drive shafts are located!

    I'm disappointed that this shaver is not equipped to have water on the "body". One is supposed to rinse the head, still attached to the body, without getting any water on the "body". The pictures of the product seem to indicate that it's OK to pop open the head and rinse everything on the top end. This is not the case. After using the shaver for 4 weeks and rinsing the head and the top of the body, water began to trickle out of the charging port. I called PN to find out that it's NOT ok to get any water on the top of the body. However, they are sending a replacement body for free.

  • Mike E. - The BEST version of this classic Dickens tales

    This 1951 version is perhaps the finest version of the classic Charles Dickens' story of Christmas hope and redemption, "A Christmas Carol". It is far superior to the 1935 and 1935 versions, and even holds its own against more modern tellings of this tale. It has a very dark beginning, almost a horror film, with some wonderful special effects and scary surprises. Scrooge is wonderfully played by the great Alistair Sim, who plays the money-grasping Scrooge as if it was written for him. Plus, a wonderful supporting cast including Michael Hordern as Marley, Patrick MacNee ('The Avengers') as the youthful Marley and a wonderful performance by by Jack Warner as the cunning and deviously carefree Mr. Jorkin who first steals Scrooge and Marley from Mr. Fezziwig (Roddy Hughes) and then embezzles the company's funds until Scrooge and Marley acquire controlling interest and take over the counting house. In well played flashbacks, young Scrooge (played by Alastair Sim's good friend and protege George Cole) is shown his past, present and future in some touching scenes, such as his sister Fan's (Carol Marsh) tragic death in childbirth of Scrooges nephew Fred (Brian Worth), who Scrooge blames for Fan's death. Scrooge is also seen losing the love of his life Miss Flora (Elenor Summerfield) to his greed for money. Rounding out the cast is Kathleen Harrison as Mrs. Dilber, Scrooge's housekeeper and Mervyn Johns and Hermoine Baddely as Scrooge's clerk Bob Cratchit and his wife, and a sly performance by Miles Malleson as Old Joe, the rag and bone man that dickers for Scrooge's possesions after he's dead, and Ernest Thesiger as the creepy Undertaker. I had an earlier version of this DVD that was introduced by Pactrick MacNee, and it was my understanding that Charles Dickens' great granddaughter viewed the film and said she though it was the best version and closest to Dickens' tale as she had ever seen. Highly Recommended ***** stars!