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  • Terrible Stroller - Worst Stroller EVER!

    I bought this lightweight stroller for my daughter. No matter how tightly she is strapped in, she can get out of the stroller... She can easily stand up in it and has tipped it over multiple times. She can literally stand up and walk while dragging the stroller... no 25 lb baby should be able to do that....This stroller is dangerous.

  • Ann C. Walcher - MrNumber rocks..

    Great app for blocking, as well as comprehensive for who the caller is & identifying other receivers complaints.

  • Bree Long - Great!

    I've purchased this several times because it's so wonderful! It works great to help you get grip. I use it in a pole fitness class and a little goes a long way. You put a tiny drop (liquid) onto your palms and rub it in and it will leave a chalk like grip to your hands. Great product.

  • Shubha Yesupriya - THIS BOOK WILL TEACH YOU WRONG.

    DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK. I have never written an amazon review before in my life and my TEAS exam is in less than 24 hours but I have to take the time to discourage people from buying this book. I noticed a while ago that there are some spelling errors and didn't think much of it. BUT TODAY I was looking through the nucleic acids and DNA section and read "Guanine and adenine are pyrimidine compounds, which have two rings, and thymine and cytosine are purine compounds, which have just a single ring." NO NO NO. THAT IS EXACTLY WRONG. THEY MIXED UP PURINES AND PYRIMIDINES. And now I'm sitting here wondering how many things I incorrectly learned from this book, and how badly I may do on my exam now because of it. I tried to contact Trivium test prep and my message didn't pass the spam test. Shocker. I am so upset right now.

  • P Daddy - I had the previous model years ago which I liked but i beat it to death

    I had the previous model years ago which I liked but i beat it to death, but this new version with the redesigned battery pack has amazing power. I will put this one through its paces but so far I'm super impressed. The edging feature is my new best friend - a well-precisioned time saver! I own other Worx products as well - they just keep pumping out good stuff.

  • Donald Mckee - Not a solution

    I had used this a long time ago as it sounds like a good way to jump start a new diet for motivation, it does that. However, if you keep dieting after it ends you will notice you pleatue for a little while as your body then starts losing fat whereas this only cleanses fluids (due to excess sodium intake) and doesn't cause very much weight loss. Physically it is not possible to lose 10 pounds in 48 hours unless 10 pounds is a very low percentage of your body (morbidly obese for example may lose 1-2% of their body weight daily on Doctor supervised diets which can exceed 10 pounds).