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  • Amazon Customer - Decent product that works well.

    I don't tend to spend a lot of money on face creams or lotions, so to me it was a little expensive, although it seems the price has gone down on Amazon since I purchased this item. Overall I think it worked well on my wrinkles, I am not sure that I noticed a huge difference on the lines around my eyes, but it definitely worked to get rid of a deep line between my eyebrows. You do have to use it regularly, especially at first, but I have cut back to a few times a week and the deep line is still barely visible. The smell is OK to me, not too overwhelming, but there is a tingling sensation when I first put the cream on. I would recommend this to someone to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Colin Macqueen - Kindle edition almost unusable

    While WCIYP may be a classic book of its genre, the formatting of this Kindle edition makes it useless to all intents and purposes:

  • Amazon Customer - AudioLearn Book is USELESS, OUTDATED and NOT AT ALL GOOD

    Horrible product- out of date and not reflective of the RN NCLEX exam. May have been minimally useful 10 years ago but not now. Do NOT waste one penny on this garbage

  • Michael - Great TV to use as a computer monitor

    I use this TV as a computer Monitor and it is very nice. The quality is great for the price and its WiFi is surprisingly quick and able to utilize my fast internet for a built in system. It is able to display 4:4:4 chroma in both 4k@30hz and at 4k@60hz while it is in PC source mode. It does indeed have a HDMI 2.0 port for at least the HDMI #1 slot. This is a great TV for the price and monitor setup.

  • Yahme - Love it

    It works for my 2008 Tacoma Accesscab SR5. Not that hard to program it. It is a great buy. Highly recommend!

  • Randy - UAG Monarch: Good case with one annoying flaw

    This review is for the UAG Monarch Platinum for iPhone 7 Plus. I don't like how all these product reviews are lumped together. Anyway, the Monarch is a good case with excellent drop protection and a good feel in the hand. My 4 year old slapped my phone out of my hand and it landed screen-first on a tile floor. The phone (and case) were unscathed. The cutout for the mute switch is bigger on this model, which makes it easier to access. It has no holes in the back, unlike older generation cases. It looks fantastic on my silver iPhone.


    A few years ago, my Norton Anti=Virus found a virus, the only one that ever sneaked by Norton, and Norton gave simple instructions where to find the new app under that virus's name (Trojan something) on the Norton website that would remove the virus and repair my registry, and it worked. So, every once in a while, Norton will alert me to a virus attempt or phishing attempt and not allow it... with Norton my computer is never vulnerable... it does slow my computer down, slightly, so I don't load it on my computers that never go on-line, except with Microsoft to update the O.S. So, trust it, buy it, save it to a folder such as "Downloads" if you want to put it on more than one computer... after downloading it, open the icon on your desktop, or find the exe file where you saved it (such as in Downloads), double click the exe file to run the installation, then open your email from Amazon to get the key code (25 letters), and type it into the box that Norton will open automatically... then restart your computer... then go back on-line and update Norton to get the latest protection updates. Simple...