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  • Hans Olaf - 5 Stars for PC AND Android--but a TRICK to using old version on Android

    Great for both PC and Android (I used it on 8 devices). I always buy the previous year's, install, and update. Works like a charm, half the price. A few years ago, I'd vacillate every year on Norton, McAfee, Kapersky.... But for the past 3 years, Norton has worked perfectly, on both PCs and phones, and is light on resources and unobtrusive.

  • Alex N. - Good Encyclopedia, Terrible Business

    Our family ordered the last print edition of Encyclopedia Britannica to keep as a family collector's edition. Everything was great until one day several months later, Encyclopedia Britannica sent us a $100 book that we didn't order. When we called them, they said that they thought we might like the book so they sent it to us and we should expect a bill promptly. When we told them we didn't order the book and we don't want it, they became rude and told us to just mail it back to them. So we mail the book back to them, and then a week later we receive an invoice for the book. The letters keep coming demanding payment for something we never ordered. Unfortunately we will have to file a BBB complaint against this company due to their unscrupulous business tactics. What a disappointment. A company with a storied product such as this shouldn't have to resort to sleezy underhanded sales tactics. We have lost all respect for Encyclopedia Britannica and will never do business with them again.

  • Tami - Not for me

    Two of my good friends love this so probably worth trying but for me, I hated the texture and smell of this and it made me break out. I normally use La Mer, I'll be sticking with that. I have very fair and sensitive skin but the two friends of mine that this works for have skin with more oil, it may be my skin type. I have pretty flawless skin already so for me, this product ruined my already good skin, I went backwards with this product. The texture of this is terrible, its really thick and when it dries it feels like you're wearing a mask. After I removed it, my skin was drier than before I put it on and felt like it needed lotion, ironically. The smell is HORRID and never goes away, there is no way I can sleep with it on, I had to rinse it off a few hours later. Not for me.

  • Janice Lynne Murray - If any of this movie is true-America had better wake up and get back on track

    very scary!! If any of this movie is true-America had better wake up and get back on track. When Christ was taken out of everything-that's when it started. So we need Christian law makers, law keepers, and true believers to stand up for their beliefs.

  • Larry Sonstein - Problems Working with Mozilla Thunderbord

    Having issues with the program slowing Mozilla Thunderbird (my mail client) to a crawl on opening. Thunderbird works fine as long as I disable McAfee completely or start it in Thunderbird's "safe mode," which also blocks all McAfee items from running with Thunderbird, but as soon as I try to open normally, it takes 45-60 seconds for the program to open. Spent about an hour on the phone today with their tech support with no success. Their second tier support is suppose to call tomorrow and perhaps they can resolve the issue, but I will have to see.