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Anonymous - Anonymous - Bronovil is a natural Bronchitis remedy that treats Bronchitis quickly and effectively. It's scientifically formulated based on several clinical studies.

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  • T. Jones - Works when wet

    I have not found a tick since we started using this product. We spray & massage the dogs every night/morning. It doesn't REPEL fleas however. I have found it is a great tool for the nightly flea combing, the fleas act dead when sprayed. However, as soon as the fur is dry, the flea activity continues as usual. Still a very good product for the price & easier than a full bath every day.

  • Eric - Don't waste your money on scams. If you want the science, it's right here.

    This is pseudoscientific garbage and I find it offensive that someone is trying to sell something so blatantly unhelpful for so much money. To the people considering buying this: Ask yourself this question: If losing weight was this easy, then why are there hundreds of examples in museums of crap like this from the last 150 years? How does it make sense that wrapping an ace bandage around your waist will cause you to lose weight? Women wore corsets for centuries and not one of them has ever claimed to be losing weight just by wearing it. Anyone who tries to tell you that anything not requiring diet and/or exercise will help you lose weight is a SCAM ARTIST.

  • David R. Durnall - I work out hard and have a pretty intense cardio program as well as weight training

    Not really effective. I work out hard and have a pretty intense cardio program as well as weight training. I have just a little bit of belly fat left that doesnt want to go away (because Im in my 40s) I took this entire bottle with no progress.

  • Timothy E. Pelland - Great cd!!!

    John hiatt just continues to make great music!!! This is a greatest hits from the last 10 years some really good stuff here!! I have seen him everytime he comes around live shows are awesome as well!! Best track here I think is everybody went low not a well know song but really a great tune!! So when you are just hanging out doing your thing check this out you wont be disappointed!!!!

  • Luis R. Padilla - Great to restore all your old furniture!!!

    Couldn't be happier with this product! Restored an old nightstand that I was about to trash and it looks like new. They could improve the design of the bottle tough as it spills easily. I do recommend you (1) have a very absorbent sponge or cloth to apply this, (2) use gloves, (3) go to the manufacturer's website and watch the video of how it is done. They really explain it very well there. It was easy to follow the instructions.

  • Andrew - Just what I expected from J. Cole

    Great Album. Not , gonna lie i'm guilty. I couldn't help my self but to listen to the album when it leaked lol. I , had been pre ordered the album. But , I couldn't take the anticipation. If , you a real Cole fan you'll love this album. This is the Cole that's returning to his old roots. Something , like his old mixtapes. All , the tracks are nice. As , everyone knows the most popular track on the Album is "Fire Squad". But , that's not the only banging track. All , tracks are fire. And , mostly people can relate to. The song that I can defintely relate too and other every guy that been to highschool or in high school (like me) is "Wet Dreamz" lol. Cole bringing back that real hip hop feel. This , album with no doubt is gonna be a classic