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  • Geo. - Great entertainment

    I just loved hearing my kids playing with each other in this video game. They would play together for hours and have a great time!

  • Diana Rood - Surprising value

    I ordered these chairs for around the pool. Was skeptical b/c of low price, but they've proven me wrong. We used them at the family reunion, lots of people sat in them, they held up great. My ONLY complaint is that the pillow is attached, but not fixed or able to be "fixed" in one spot so they always end up in your lower back or somewhere you don't want them. I ended up taking it off b/c it's too annoying. BUT, the chairs are great and much cheaper than I've seen them anywhere else. Very comfortable too.

  • belladonna - Excellent

    Huge Afro Celt fan. This is a great compilation of their work over the years . Well done good listen cd

  • Jack - Quality is good but I had problems with the instructions.

    It took me about 4-5 tries in order to make this work. I was really disappointed based on the feedback I received from friends who used this product. I was excited when I was contacted by a customer service representative but they never really helped me with my problem. As I mentioned, I was able to finally fumble through it and it worked.

  • krangrape - The Worst Hair Straightener Ever

    Don't waste your money on the PYT hair straightener. It says it's made of 100% ceramic plates, but it's not. I've had mine for 3 months and already the plates are wearing down. They look and feel like plastic. Also, the customer service for PYT is horrendous. You can't order their products from their website, yet they deny owning any of the mall kiosks that sell them. So if you ever want to return it, you can't. And at those mall kiosks, they overprice the straighteners, so I ended up buying mine for around $130, instead of the $30 I could have paid if I bought it from Amazon. But if I could go back in time, I wouldn't even pay $5 for it. It's not quality at all. The material is cheap all around. Spend the money on a flat iron with titanium plates. That's what I'm doing, and then this piece of crap PYT straightener is going in the garbage.