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Asheville North Carolina Periodontist, Dental Specialist, periodontal dentists - Asheville North Carolina Periodontist Dr. Bill Claiborne specializes in periodontal therapy, dental implant placement, sinus lifts, gum disease treatment to save teeth for good oral health and lasting smiles.

  • http://www.biltmoreperiodontics.com/about-us/ Dr. Bill Claiborne, William J. Claiborne DDS MS - Asheville and Transylvania County NC, Western North Carolina, Henderson and Wayne Counties, Mission Hospital, Pisgah, Black Mountain, Hendersonville, Clyde, Morganton, Foothills, appointment, dental insurance coverage.
  • http://www.biltmoreperiodontics.com/services/dental-implants-tooth-replacement/ Asheville NC Dentists, implants and tooth replacement - Dr. Claiborne performs Dental Implant placement, bone grafts & sinus lifts.

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  • SF purchaser - I forgot how helpful it was to have a hardcopy of a tax guide.

    I've been using TurboTax for over 20 years. In that time I didn't buy hardly any third party tax guides whereas before Turbo Tax I got one every year. I decided to get one for this year's taxes and it's very helpful. The problem with online tax information and guides is that it's not really that easy to browse. A hardcopy book is like a visit to a library, going to the library you might find more valuable/appropriate material in a book right next to one you're aiming for on the shelf. Just the act of turning pages makes a lot of interesting topics stand out. Lasser's guide is a lot thicker then I remember it being many years ago.

  • George - Fantastic Pillowcase for the Acne Prone!

    First and foremost this product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. I was extremely surprised by this pillowcase and how much it helped my acne. There was a dramatic change in the amount of acne after I started using this without making any changes in routine or diet. It arrived in a tube that was clearly more of a nice design choice than just tossing it in something. My one concern when buying something like this is whether the tea tree oil would be overpowering, but they did a fantastic job of balancing the essential oils to create a pleasant smell that I'd even say helps me have a better sleep.

  • M. marsden - solar thats affordable and actually works

    The panel is amazing and it works as well as a wall socket for charging small devices like you phone or gps. Its doesn't have to be a super bright and sunny day for it to work. The battery pack that goes with it to save some of that energy seems to loose power over a few days no matter what rechargeable batteries you use in it. Other than that big floor, the battery back is great and works well to charge your small devices when its dark or clouded over.

  • Wolverine Wilks - MS Office for Mac

    Installation on my mid-2010 MacBook Pro, running 10.9.1, was very quick and easy. And I mean quick. From download to installation it only took 20 minutes. Your amazon receipt contains the key. Just copy it, and paste it after installation, since you won't be able to use your browsers during installation.

  • MommasAShopper - No more nail holes on my new walls! Need when house is being remodeled new

    These are great, we are currently remodeling our entire house, and the rooms the are completely done are of limits to nails in the wall/ceiling, I'm definitely the type that likes to make a house a home and by doing so I love to hang pictures and such. These are great if you cannot use nails. They're very strong and they stand up to anything I need to hang. Get these if you're one who can't put holes in your walls, you won't be disappointed and your home will feel more like home! Especially after a big remodel lol