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  • Book Lover - Couldn't have done it without this book

    I suggest this book to everyone. It was very detail oriented and left few questions for me. I am a huge planner, so this had a lot to live up to. I took a look at other travel books and they don't compare. This one is it. I really loved his suggested tours, the websites and info he gives, and also the maps provided. You need a guide to read ahead of time if you travel abroad. When I do again, I will buy his books.

  • Gizmo - Money Users, Don't Do It!!

    OK, I've been an MS Money user for years now, and I've gotten used to the little quirks and agonizing slow downs, but when I learned Microsoft decided Money was not profitable enough and dumped the product, I thought I might go to Quicken to make sure I got support and upgrades, etc., And Quicken did advertise that importing Money files was "no problem" so I took the plunge. It was the software equivalent of driving off a cliff. Quicken does a TERRIBLE job of importing Money files; giving you a laundry list of items it didn't import, another list of things it changed "slightly" and then presented me with the sloppiest interface I've ever seen! I am amazed that this is the leading financial software. Consumers will settle for anything these days, I guess. I could go on about the nightmare that was an upgrade to Quicken, but let me just say two things, If you are an experienced Money user, DO NOT buy a Quicken product! And DO NOT buy a downloaded software product from Amazon! They are non-returnable! Period! Even if the Software is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

  • Tran - though this time when ordering from Amazon the skin around my eyes have actually gotten worst, and it's the only new product tha

    I've used this Murad Eye Cream before and I get results wihin the day, though this time when ordering from Amazon the skin around my eyes have actually gotten worst, and it's the only new product that I have added to my beauty regimen. I would say don't order this product from Amazon but if you do, try testing a pea size on a small area for maybe two days or more to see what happens. I'm very upset with this product and will only be purchasing cosmetics from in stores now. After using, the skin around my eye area further down to my nose have actually broke out in hives and I had to leave work early and request off the next day to go to the doctors. Very upsetting. Never ordering this ever again.

  • Nader - I think the best way to describe this bed is medium firm with ...

    My previous spring mattress was as hard as a rock. I suffered from lower back pain and rib pain as a side sleeper on a hard mattress with pressure points. The first few nights for me was up in the air, as i think my muscles and bones had to readjust. On the 4th night, voila ... i slept all the way through. I think the best way to describe this bed is medium firm with no pressure points. This mattress has literally changed my life, as i am now pain free. I forgot what it was like to wake up without aches. Bottom line is ... your mattress is CRITICAL, buy a good one. I'm sold on the foam concepts. There are now about 5 similar products like this. You can review the comparisons on Youtube. The Yogabed worked for me. If you hate it, they give you 365 days now to return it for a refund. They also include 2 pillows, and the mattress cover unzips so you can wash it. They also will include a topper of memory foam if you want to soften it a bit.

  • susan - Well-organized!

    I like this book because it is well-organized and reader friendly. It is straight to the point.I recommend you to get it for practicing even if it is 2008 edition!It only cost me a few bucks since I got it as a used one.