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    City: 24 , South Africa

  • sam masters - I love this ointment

    I love this ointment, great for most all aches & pains.....especially leg cramps. Works well on back neck and shoulders. Great to rub on chest area for congestion

  • E. Rosenthal - Great for my tall hubby!

    I don't have a lot to add to the other reviews here, but I did want to mention that this stroller works for tall people. My hubby is 6'5" and all legs, and he has no problem. The fact that there's no bar between the back wheels really helps, and the handle is tall enough.

  • David H. - Really satisfied with this product.

    High quality, great functionality. Have bought many of these with the most recent one bought for my daughter to use in her vehicle. Really satisfied with this product.

  • Black Griffin - Check the label for sodium!

    Everything about this product is good -- EXCEPT the sodium content, which is in the stratosphere....390 mg per serving. Even if you are not worried about sodium intake per se, this this amount could set up food cravings, as happens in fast food, and also set the stage for water retention. Who needs it?

  • latoya - hair feels like butter!!!

    omg i love this product i didnt really believe what people were saying about this product because people tend to exaggerate alot when talking about things they like but i decided to try it anyway.i brought the chi keratin mist first and it smelled kinda strong compared to this product but i really did like it, until i tried this product it was great and it didnt smell as strong as the keratin mist and as soon as i put it in my hair and combed it, it just glided through wow, and im a little past my perm date and my new growth is there but this product got my hair in shape all i needed to do was blowdry (i only had to blowdry with the keratin mist to) and my hair was straight now i wish i had brought a bigger bottle

  • Andy Robbins - Excellent coffee table book

    As people reading these reviews are probably already aware, "Now I Know" started out, and still is, a popular daily email newsletter. The premise is that you sign up for the email newsletter and in return Dan sends you a daily email with true, well-researched, amazing and entertaining-as-hell anecdotes. For free. Every day. The book is a collection of these same types of stories. Though the book isn't free, it won't disappoint. I keep my copy of this book out on my coffee table and its an awesome conversation starter. (Would also be great to have on-hand for a little, ahem, distraction, in the loo). Great book; Highly recommend.