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  • Venita Fuller - Works Great!

    I have used this for about a year now along with the anti-breakage formula and my results are excellent. I hardly have any breakage while brushing or after shampooing. Love it.

  • Littlesister - Good excising tape Juillian encourages you as you exercise.

    Juillian michaels is a good encourager in this tape. I hadn't ex cerise in a long time like most of America and I am out of shape. I notice on the biggest loser she cares I joined her web for hr to help me lose 50 pounds so I purchase some of hr easier tapes to start with and I love using my wii to excise to excise with her is such an encouragement.

  • Kelly Levy - Great use for the job it needed to do

    Very quiet compared to other generators, my husband still thought it was too loud but I reassured him this is quieter than others believe me, it could be a lot louder. Did the trick, the Blizzard of 2013 hit us hard and we lost power as we do in mostly all storms. Was so glad to have this available to us. We plugged in the fridge, TV, DVD player (cable was out) and we needed something for our 2.5 year old. 1 Light, and a floor heater. We could also plug in a few more items but that was all we needed. The only thing we need to invest in now is a bigger generator for our heat.

  • Frank J. Laviano - Nice read but typos need to be corrected

    Fascinating and surprisingly insightful of the untold insider story of them both. Nice read but typos need to be corrected.

  • david l parslow - Huge amount of typos

    Although the book presents a fairly good math review, the fact that there are SO MANY -- COUNTLESS! - typos,

  • Aravind S. Ravindran - Great little PC!!

    Just it before time. It is a awesome little thing!! Cannot believe how great this PC on a stick works. Steamed few videos works good. I bought a iPazzPort 2.4GHz Wireless Mini Keyboard Remote Control with Multi-Touch Trackpad Mouse Combo Set with it from Amazon. I had problems with wifi initial while trying to use the keyboard combo so I setup the PC with a physical keyboard and mouse first and then once i got past the initial Windows 10 setup disabled Bluetooth and then I used the usb reciever with the keyboard and paired it and it works great. Not sure if it was the Bluetooth trying to communicate with the the keyboard reciever