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Balance Physiotherapy London| Clapham Physio - Balance Physio | Based in Clapham, South London specialists in sports injury treatment, back pain treatment and strength & conditioning coaching.

  • http://www.balancephysio.com/physiotherapy/ Physiotherapy | Clapham London | Balance Physio - Physiotherapy Our highly experienced sports injury team led by Graham Anderson is without doubt a team to feel confident in. All of our therapists have worked
  • http://www.balancephysio.com/knee-and-acl-specialists/ Knee and ACL specialists | Clapham London | Balance Physio - Knee and ACL specialists Although we deal with absolutely any injury or painful episode; any weakness, tension, inflexibility, inextensibility, asymmetry, lack
  • http://www.balancephysio.com/shoulder-rehabilitators/ Shoulder rehabilitators | Clapham London | Balance Physio - Shoulder rehabilitators Although we deal with absolutely any injury, painful episode, weakness, tightness or any other dysfunction we have an abundance of
  • http://www.balancephysio.com/end-stage-rehabiliitation/ End Stage Rehabiliitation | Clapham London | Balance Physio - End Stage Rehabiliitation The intention of End-stage rehabilitation is to complete recovery of ALL physical abilities and recovery of 100% confidence in
  • http://www.balancephysio.com/osteopathy/ Osteopathy in Clapham | Clapham London | Balance Physio - Balance's osteopaths work alongside a large team of other health and wellness professionals. Trevor Speller and Pierre Meslet's skills go way beyond osteopathy.
  • http://www.balancephysio.com/podiatry-sports-backs-and-orthopaedics/ Podiatry: Sports, backs and orthopaedics | Clapham London | Balance Physio - Podiatry: foot and ankle specialist Podiatry: Sports injuries , back pain and orthopaedics are all areas our podiatrist can be influential in. Podiatry is a
  • http://www.balancephysio.com/specialist-assessment-and-rehabilitation/ Specialist assessment and rehabilitation | Clapham London | Balance Physio - Specialist assessment and rehabilitation Our foot and ankle specialist is a podiatrist - Benn Boshell. Podiatry is a specialised area that deals with the
  • http://www.balancephysio.com/rehabs-most-neglected-aspect/ Rehabs neglected aspects… | Clapham London | Balance Physio - Rehabs neglected aspects At Balance we have created space to move and built a team who know how to make use of the space and challenge you more. At Balance we
  • http://www.balancephysio.com/movement/ Movement | Clapham London | Balance Physio - Movement Good Movement is essential for our health not an added bonus or something needed only by elite dancers, martial artists, professionals sports people
  • http://www.balancephysio.com/massage-myofascial-release/ Sports Massage | Clapham London | Balance Physio - Sports Massage from highly our experienced team of soft tissue therapists. We incorporate a number of sports, remedial, deep and soft tissue release techniques
  • http://www.balancephysio.com/runners/ Running Specialist Clapham | Clapham London | Balance Physio - You need running specialists in Clapham -a hotbed of runners tackling every distance from sprint, a lap of the common, marathon, ultras and multiple day events
  • http://www.balancephysio.com/running-injuries-and-rehabilitation/ Running injuries and rehabilitation | Clapham London | Balance Physio - Running injuries and rehabilitation The team at Balance Performance specialise in the treatment, rehabilitation, movement, strengthening, programming and
  • http://www.balancephysio.com/running-analysis-and-coaching/ running analysis and coaching | Clapham London | Balance Physio - running analysis and coaching Whether you run seriously and competitively, run for enjoyments sake and health, or see running simply as a feature within your
  • http://www.balancephysio.com/alter-g-anti-gravity-treadmill/ Alter-G: Anti-Gravity Treadmill | Clapham London | Balance Physio - Alter-G: Anti-Gravity Treadmill Walk, run, jump, balance. Alter gravity and you can neutralise impact stress, eliminate pain, improve your movement control
  • http://www.balancephysio.com/cycling-analysis-and-fitting/ Cycling analysis and fitting | Clapham London | Balance Physio - Cycling analysis and fitting Cycling is a fantastically popular sport in the UK and in London we have a large population of recreational and commuting cyclists
  • http://www.balancephysio.com/other-specialist-sports/ Other Specialist Sports | Clapham London | Balance Physio - Other Specialist Sports We have worked with clients from a massive array of different sports and activities since 2001- from BMX trick riders to Skeleton Bob.
  • http://www.balancephysio.com/physiotherapy-total-rehabilitation/ Physiotherapy – Total Rehabilitation | Clapham London | Balance Physio - Physiotherapy – Total Rehabilitation Low back and neck pain can be very painful and debilitating. That is why you need to find someone you trust to help you
  • http://www.balancephysio.com/spinal-specialists/ Spinal specialists | Clapham London | Balance Physio - Spinal specialists The spinal specialists at Balance are an exceptional team with a wealth of experience and a diverse skill set that covers every aspect and
  • http://www.balancephysio.com/prepost-natal-related-pain/ Pre and post natal related pain | Clapham London | Balance Physio - Pre/post natal and breastfeeding related pain Don’t put up with back or neck pain ‘just because you are pregnant!’ You do not have to tolerate it as an
  • http://www.balancephysio.com/pelvic-girdle-pain/ Pelvic girdle pain | Clapham London | Balance Physio - Pelvic girdle pain What is it? Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) is an all-encompassing term for pain anywhere around your pelvic ring (i.e. back, hips, groin,

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  • RHHJCHFL - Changed the formula

    Enjoyed the first bottle which was purchased on a cruise ship. Ordered a second, but, received one with a slightly different label & color. Investigating the ingredients revealed they had changed. A customer service agent stated that ingredients can change based on availability of organic herbs. The name/title of the bottle was the same as the one purchased on the ship.

  • Tyler - Micro 2

    I purchased the Micro 2. Easy install/OC fit easily in my Alienware mATX case. My 5960x is hitting 4.6 ghz no problem. Easy to use BIOS, what more could you want?

  • Richard A Decker - Unrepairable

    Yes it works great but eventually the "hose" that connects will break and there is no replacement/repair option. The first one broke by the power unit and I managed to fix it until it broke again - same place. The second one broke at the base of the brush and I opened it up and reconnected it but it broke right away at the same point (the entrance to the brush housing. I have gone through two and will now opt for a different product. If there were a way to repair it I would give it a 5. i use it daily and have no issues otherwise. I even called the mfr.