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  • M.T. - I couldn't be happier. My breakouts have become very very minimal

    I stopped all my other skin care routines ( Proactive, Epionce) and started using this scrub and coconut oil only! It was a risk, but I was tired of overpriced products and breaking out. I couldn't be happier. My breakouts have become very very minimal. I have a break-out prone T-zone and Keratosis Pilaris on my cheeks and neck. I realize the idea of rubbing coconut oil on your face sounds insane, but between this Murad scrub and the coconut, my skin feels great. Having spend hundreds of dollars on other skin care products, this stuff is worth a shot. Just don't forget the coconut oil since in my experience, it's a bit drying (most likely due to my Keratosis).

  • Jessica - Excellent Product!

    Fantastic product! Noticed a huge difference in my baby's digestion - his gas went down a lot and he is much happier. Use every day mixed into his formula. Since this is a liquid as opposed to the powders I had previously used, it was much easier to mix into his milk.

  • Caleb Dorsey - It makes a difference

    I have used RoC for years now and it does make a difference! I had to use it every other day at first. It is strong and the sides of my mouth nose and eyes would get irritated if I used it every day at first. Now I can use it nightly without difficulty. It does make me sensitive to the sun, but I was that way anyway. I am a 40 year old woman and very fair. It took over 6 months to really notice a difference. I really notice when I don't use it for a weak. My skin gets very tired looking and wrinkles are more noticeable. I don't mean they go away, just are minimized. The cream is light sensitive, so keep the cap on. I noticed it does get old and works less effectively, the longer I have it. I am talking months, though. I think I buy this about every 3-4 months and amazon has as good a deal as anyone.


    This completes the whole set of Corel products for image making that I have and all at a fraction of the cost for Adobe. THis painter is rich and deep and anyone one familiar enough with adobe products or earlier version of this product will find learning a zip. Yes there is a learning curve but it is an enjoyable one.