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Asociación Vasca de Pediatría de Atención Primaria - Pagina destinada a pediatras de atención primaria con relevancia en asuntos de divulgación médica, profesional, cooperación, medicina basada en la evidencia, etc.,

  • http://www.avpap.org/ehlmpe.htm Euskal Herriko Lehen Mailako Pediatria Elkartea - Web orri hau lehen maila arretako pediatreentzat da eta gai batzuk jorratzen ditugu, zienfifikoak, ikerkuntza, garapenarako laguntza, informatika pediatriari zuzenduta eta abar.,

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  • No name - Fantastic ..here are the pros and cons..best present I have ever got!

    This product definitely works. When u first use it it definitely stings but after a couple of uses doesn't sting at all as hair is less. Do not flash the light on the same place twice thinking that it will kill hairs faster, I did this and burned myself ..ouch.

  • nr2012 - Cool shell case; Durable and shock absorbent

    This case is great. It has a super soft plush interior lining. It is thick, solid, and durable and shockproof exterior shell that is impact proof and absorbent, so protects the electronics inside well from damage. I also like that this case is water resistant. The black metal double zipper is very strong and opens and closes smoothly and has large black tabs. The interior has a mesh pocket compartment for cables, chargers, and other accessories. The case also has a handle on the exterior for carrying that can be clipped on and off. Seems well-constructed and long-lasting. It a good size for pretty universal for several different types of speakers. Very reasonable price for a good product. Good value.

  • P. Sikes - best money I've ever spent

    Another reviewer said this is not a miracle product, but for me it was. It truly has saved me $975. My 2000 Chevy Prizm check engine light has been off and mostly on, for like 10 months. It was time for inspection and I didn't pass because the light was on so I took it to a dealer (yes, I know, I know but the last time I didn't go to the dealer when the check engine light was on it went in the shop 5 times and was never fixed correctly until I took it to a dealer). On top of a whole host of other completely inflated and bogus repairs they suggested, they told me I had to REPLACE the catalytic converter to the tune of $1,000+. There was no other option. This was it. For an old, high mileage car it wasn't worth it and I came very close to just selling the car to a junkyard.

  • Steven M. Dobson - Easy and cheap do it your self repair!

    The food screen in the back inside of our GE dishwasher kept filling up with food on the inside. Removing the 4 screws holding that screen exposed the top of this part. When I screwed out this part by hand (I didn't need tools for it.) I found the rubber washer on it was falling apart. Replacing this part solved the problem quickly and easily. Unlike other reviewers, my dishwasher had no problem draining. This is a simple and easy do it yourself repair.

  • Marie D Patterson - so far so good

    My dog has had gas allergies her whole life and been on and off of steriods along with allergy shots. Tried using this product about 3 months ago at the suggestion of my vet and so far she has been steriod free and it appears to keep the hives at bay and reduces the itching.

  • M. Nguyen - Really great read. Very informative

    The best thing about the book was all the practice questions and the answer explanations. There is nothing more frustrating than missing a question and not knowing why you missed it. I didn’t have the money to work with a tutor so this is all I had. I’m glad I picked this book and I recommend you do the same if you care about your future.

  • Stacy G. - Please do not buy this

    This was the most horrible purchase we have made. We have spent hundreds of dollars and hours upon hours only to have a mess on our hands.